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Ever wondered what the good brew company is all about?  Why do we do what we do? What the hell do we do anyway?  read this amazing article.

This article by Sarah Coles is the greatest and most current article regarding our fight against nanny state food laws that impinge upon small producers abilities to thrive and nurture our community.

Sarah Coles SCOBY Do - Kombucha vs the State article.
The Weekend Notes wrote a great review of our keg based catering services:


Weekend Notes article about The Good Brew Company.



Meet Deano, the proprietor of The Good Brew Company, who loves to create and serve natural beverages using environmentally friendly methods.

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A short ad filmed at Rainbow Serpent Festival.


Deano of The Good Brew Company interviews the solar powered superstar Monkey Marc.


Dean O’Callaghan: The Good Brew Co – Beer to the rescue! (16mins)
Deano is interviewed by Do Good Radio. In this episode, Deano talks about how The Good Brew Company is on a mission to make our beer drinking experience environmentally sustainable – one amber ale at a time.

But it can’t all be good news; surely you’ve copped some flack from overzealous beurocraps, Deano?

Well, there was this one time:

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