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organic living kombucha and sparkling probiotics

330ml glass bottles of multiple Good Brew kombucha flavours.

bottles of delicious sparkling kombucha to pick up or deliver to your door

Jun brewery in a box kit with tea.

everything you need to brew your own sparkling probiotic drinks

Love your guts, the community and our planet • Don’t panic! I’m raw, alive and organic • DIY kombucha brewing supplies • Brewing since 2007 from Brunswick VIC

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Kombucha Brewing Workshop August 25/8/2022 7:30pm
Learn to brew your own real kombucha easily and quickly with the experts at our Brunswick HQ.
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Bottled Sparkling Kombucha

Real Australian made kombucha, delivered to your door and available for pickup at 54 Hope St, Brunswick VIC.

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Brew Your Own Kombucha and Jun

Create sparkling probiotics right from your home or workplace, wherever you are in Australia.

Learn to Brew the Best Kombucha at Our Workshops

Learn the secrets to brewing the most amazing kombucha at our entertaining brewing workshop. Every attendee receives a kombucha SCOBY/starter as part of their ticket price so you can start your very own brew. You can pickup your SCOBY from us or we can send it to you, at no extra cost.

Hosted online and at 54 Hope St, Brunswick VIC (restrictions permitting), our workshops provide a fun, comfortable and informative experience where you learn the best from our Master Brewer, Deano. Bring your questions, because we have the answers!

Deano presenting a Good Brew kombucha brewing workshop.
Deano on a Good Brew catering keg, beer and kombucha bike.

Eco-Friendly Catering to Impress Your Guests

Whether a festival, corporate or private event, we provide high quality catering and consultation services to help you.

  • Catering solutions for corporate, casual, public and private events
  • Unique range of high quality beverages to suit everyone
  • Preservative free beers, ciders, soda and kombucha
  • Non-alcoholic and vegan options available
  • Kegs with a beverage of your choosing for your event
  • We can provide our catering services fully self-contained
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Helping Our Customers Every Step of the Way

We’ve helped many people get their kombucha brews and beverage desires sated when they need it. Though don’t just take our word for it, check out these authentic reviews:

Great-tasting kombucha. Friendly & helpful people. Best place to get supplies and info!

Robin M

Down right delicious kombucha brews that have an ethical backbone, with great medleys of flavour. The only kombucha I buy at certain health food stores and in my opinion outshines the others in the market when it comes to taste and sustainability

Pentheselea Wilson

Amazing products, great service and wonderful company ethics. As a repeat customer I can highly recommend The Good Brew Company. Don’t waste your money on supermarket kombucha which is not live, source the real stuff from these guys, you won’t regret it!

Tiffany Rubach

Fantastic Kombucha; what real booch should taste like, not sugar-added soda water as you find with mass-produced products. Passionate and community focused, environmentally conscious team who are SERIOUS about saving the planet! Great community vibes all the time!

Stardust World

Great friendly people. Awesome to have a drinks company with such passionate spirit behind it. I have tried many beverages and loved them. I regularly purchase. Would highly recommend the kombucha. Best I’ve found!

Tess Ellation

Honesty- these guys are lovely. Not only is their Kombucha the best I have tasted, but they are also so enthusiastic and passionate about helping people create their own. The environment is relaxed and filled with kind people who are happy to help you out. I will be recommending them to everyone! Excited to do a workshop when restrictions are off.

Bronwyn Anderson

Good Brew have always been a hit at the art exhibitions and music events I host. Great brews, brilliant ethics and awesome people! Cheers

Katia Honour

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