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Est. 2007

We brew sparkling probiotics with the lowest possible environmental impact. We teach you how to do it, too!

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The Good Brew Company

Based in Brunswick and Daylesford VIC Australia, The Good Brew Company provides high quality catering services and a great range of tasty beverages and has been doing so since 2007. We pride ourselves on making real beverages with real ingredients, including our delicious fermented kombucha tea.

Passionate About Sustainability

We're passionate about sustainability and the environment. We focus on providing our services and products through environmentally friendly and sustainable methods.

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The Good Brew Company bar and service.

Quench Your Thirst with Natural Bevvies

We offer a wide range of delicious Australian-made beverages and home brew supplies, all created using quality natural ingredients and deliverable to your door.


Three different flavours of The Good Brew Company kombucha.

The fermented tea that tastes great and is filled with beneficial bacteria. We love it, it keeps us feeling good and we brew it with a passion in VIC.

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Jun fermented drink and SCOBY.

Like kombucha, jun is brewed using honey, tea, water and the jun SCOBY. Jun tastes great and you can brew your own with our Good Brew jun starter kits.

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DIY Brewing

Kombucha being brewed in a glass container

Brew your own kombucha and jun with our Good Brew starter kits. It's easy and you can do so right from your own home or office!

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Glass container for drinks and brewing with a tap.

Visit our web store to purchase supplies for your next event, or pick up a kombucha culture at a great price and get brewing your own batch.

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Truck shipping products around Australia.

Australia-wide Shipping

We offer shipping throughout Australia. Whether you're enduring the cold in Tasmania or sweating it out towards the top of Queensland, we'll get our lip-smacking drinks and home brew supplies to you.

Zero percent no payment processing fees.

No Payment Processing Fees

We don't charge any extra payment processing fees when you order from us online (there's shipping/postage costs, though multiple products include free shipping).

Same day shipping and postage.

Same Day Shipping Before 5pm

Order before 5pm on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and we'll post your order to you on that very same day. Excludes Saturdays and public holidays.

Free shipping for specific products.

Free Shipping on Select Products

Free shipping is included on multiple Good Brew products, including our Kombucha SCOBY Brewing Starter Kits, Jun SCOBY Brewing Starter Kits and Fermentation Cloths.

A natural leaf.

Made With Natural Ingredients

All of our kombucha beverages, vinegars and SCOBY brewing starter kits are made with natural ingredients.

Kombucha fermented in the bottle with bubbles.

Bottle Conditioned Kombucha

All of our kombucha is bottle conditioned. This means it is naturally fermented in the bottle, providing you a with a beverage rich in probiotics that are actually alive.

Events and Catering

Whether a festival, corporate or private event, we provide high quality catering and consultation services to help you.

  • Catering solutions for corporate, casual, public and private events
  • Unique range of high quality beverages to suit everyone
  • Preservative free beers, ciders, soda and kombucha
  • Non-alcoholic and vegan options available
  • Kegs with a beverage of your choosing for your event
  • We can provide our catering services fully self-contained

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