Our Kombucha

Kombucha “a variety of fermented, lightly effervescent sweetened black or green tea drinks that are commonly intended as functional beverages…” – Wikipedia.

Kombucha is a wild fermented tea with a history of health benefits that have been enjoyed for over 6000 years. While its exact origins are unknown, it is thought Kombucha got its name from a Korean physician called Kombu who healed a Japanese emperor with his soothing medicinal tea, hence the name Kombu-cha (tea).

Kombucha is a symbiotic culture of probiotic yeasts and bacteria cultivated in sweetened green or black tea. Kombucha is a slightly acidulous self carbonated beverage with a low sugar content and jam-packed with beneficial active ingredients including:


Acetic acid which helps form fatty acids “the good fats”

Gluconic acid which has anti-fungal properties and which occurs when bacteria and yeast consume glucose
Lactic acid, which is a diverse group of bacteria most of which naturally occurs as flora within the body, producing beneficial effects such as:
stimulating the immune system
alleviating bowel problems
assisting anti-fungal actions
promoting cell regeneration

The Good Brew


At Good Brew we use nothing but the best organic, purest and local-est ingredients we can get our hands on. Kombucha grown forever brewed with organic ingredients and the best Pure spring water fresh from Daylesford, organic green sencha tea, organic oolong tea, organic raw sugar, our ever growing range of infused kombucha include health benefiting natural ingredients such as: Sencha mint, biodynamic apple, chlorophyll, orange blossom oolong, passionflower, organic turmeric, acai, maqui, lavender, purple corn, ginger, hibiscus & lemongrass. 

Our REAL 28 day symbiotic fermentation process produces trace amounts of caffeine and alcohol. NO nasty processing, NO additives.  NO forced carbonation. NO fossil fuels. 100% vegan 

Disclaimer: The information contained here is NOT intended, nor should it be used to diagnose, treat, cure, prevent, or mitigate any disease or condition, consumers should consult a physician or health care professional if illness is suspected. Pregnant/breastfeeding mothers, children and people with known sensitivities should research and consult their health care professional before consumption. 

Our packaging is SOLAR PRINTED on RECYCLED PAPER with VEGAN INK. We also give $5 discount on cases when you return your glass bottles, and $1 off 750mL refills. Help us help the planet by reusing your glass bottles.

We brew on the traditional lands of the Wurundjeri, may we learn to love our land as you do, and agree wholeheartedly that sovereignty was never ceded.

For the DIYers out there looking to brew their own, we offer kombucha SCOBY starter kits for only 19.95 AUD, posted straight to your door, with free shipping.

How Much

Should I Drink?

We love our Kombucha and believe that getting your food to ‘work’ for your body is where it’s at. You are a divine expression of individuality and have a responsibility to take care of the planet that is your body. Kombucha is an old medicine still in scientific infancy. It’s important to always touch base with yourself and remember that what’s good for one might not be great for another. The body never lies, so listen to it! Deano drinks at least a litre a day!

Keep things simple, pure & organic, healthy gut = healthy mind.