Brewing Workshop: Learn to Brew Your Own Kombucha This July

Kombucha workshop in July 2017, hosted by The Good Brew Company.

We love beer, maybe too much. Though we also LOVE kombucha.

Our esteemed CEO, abundance generator and imbiber of all things fermented is making the ultimate sacrifice this coming month. To make it easier to forgo beer he is running a workshop to help us all brew our own non-alcoholic ferments. There will also be big specials on our Kombucha for the entire month of July so stay tuned to our facebook page:

How Much and What’s Included?

Tickets are only $54 and include:

  • Comprehensive kombucha brew education workshop.
  • Kombucha brew starter kit with a SCOBY.
  • Fermented foods for you to enjoy at your arrival (Vegan KimChi toasties with a vegetarian option available too).
  • 15% off any takeaway Good Brew Company products.
  • BRING a bottle and get any of our kombucha on tap for only $5 a litre (that’s half the price of booch on tap in stores)
  • 2 free glasses of booch on arrival and throughout the workshop.

Following from the workshop will be an afterparty with drink specials, music, table tennis, table soccer and more. Sit back and relax (or best your mates at table tennis).

When and Where?

The workshop will be hosted at our warehouse in Brunswick (54 Hope St, Brunswick VIC 3056).

The workshop begins at 7:30pm and finishes at 9:30pm. The event will continue until midnight, including an afterparty where attendees can get to know each other, taste delicious fermented foods and beverages, plus enjoy table soccer and table tennis.

Purchase Your Tickets

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Make sure to enter your name correctly upon purchasing tickets as these will be checked at the door. Please present your ticket and name at the door.

Already Got a SCOBY?

If you already have a kombucha SCOBY, you can get tickets for just $40. Simply enter the coupon code “GOTSCOBE” during the cart and/or checkout page to save $14, reducing your ticket price to just $40.

Please note that if you enter the coupon code you will not receive a SCOBY kit at the workshop as part of your ticket.

Mothers for Mother’s Day – 10% off All SCOBYs until May 31

Good Brew Co Mother's Day 2017 #ThankYouMum banner.

Be good to ya (kombucha) mother!

Give your mum the gift that keeps on giving; teach her how to brew her own healthy mixers. Your mum may never drink soft drink again, not even tonic in her gin! We’re showing our appreciation for all our mums with a special deal of 10% off all kombucha and jun SCOBYs / starter brewing kits.

All kombucha and jun SCOBYs include free shipping, delivered throughout Australia.

Our kombucha and jun SCOBYs are created in Australia using quality methods and natural ingredients. Every order includes printed instructions on how to brew a great batch of your own booch or jun.

Order your SCOBYs before Mother’s Day this Sunday 14th of May and we’ll email you the instructions and list of utensils you’ll need ahead of time to get your mum pumped about brewing her own kombucha and jun.

Want to order a SCOBY for someone else than a mum? No worries; we’re not using any form of mum verification system just yet, thus you’ll be in the clear. Whether your grumpy dad is missing out on special treatment this Mother’s Day, or perhaps you have a fanatical brewer amongst your friends and family, our brewing starters will keep them all happy and earn you some decent brownie points. For the DIY mums reading this; go on and treat yourself, you deserve it.

Make sure you get in quick, as this special ends midnight May 31 2017.

Ps. If you have any questions about brewing your own kombucha or jun with our brewing kits, please contact us.

Changes to Opening Hours and Shipping during the 2016/2017 Festive Season

Good Brew Company festive season banner.

Seasons greetings, you beautiful Good Brew fans. With the festive season and new years approaching, we’re all hands on deck to help Santa deliver kombucha and delicious brews throughout Australia.

We will be closed for the festive season and new year from December 22nd until January 9th, except for the specific dates included below:

Online orders will be shipped, pickups can be made and emergency Melbourne deliveries will be provided on the 28th and 29th of December, along with the 4th and 5th of January.

After the 9th of January 2017, order shipping, deliveries and pickups will resume as normal.

Buy 2 SCOBY Starter Kits, Get 1 Free

Want to brew your own kombucha and jun? As a treat for Good Brew fans this festive season, we’re offering a special deal where if you buy 2 kombucha or jun SCOBY starter kits, you get one free. A great present for your DIY family members who love brewing or probiotic foods.

Simply add 2 kombucha or jun SCOBYs to your cart via our online store, then a third will be added automatically for you and discounted in the cart / checkout process.

Purchase Your SCOBYs Now

This offer is available until further notice.

Now Offering Our Delicious Raw Kombucha Vinegar

Good Brew delicious kombucha vinegar

The Good Brew Company is proud to offer our new delicious raw kombucha vinegar, available online shipped straight to your door or you can pick it up from our location in Brunswick VIC.

What’s in the Vinegar?

Aged in oak barrels for 12+ months in the Yarra Valley VIC, our kombucha vinegar is made using only natural ingredients and methods (even the labels are printed on 100% recycled paper with vegan ink [apart from the gold foil]).

  • Raw – filled with living friendly yeast and beneficial bacteria. NEVER heat treated
  • Low in sugar (so low it’s STARVING for it so it eats it when it’s in your guts)
  • Gluten free
  • Vegan
  • No artificial sweeteners or flavours
  • No colourings
  • No preservatives

What Can I Use It For?

  • Drink it with water
  • Turn your salad into a probiotic superfood
  • Flavour meat and vegan meals
  • Create delicious dips, sauces and marinades
  • Add depth to your pasta dishes
  • Substitute balsamic vinegar or apple cider vinegar
  • The list goes on

A favourite of ours is to combine the Good Brew vinegar with dukkah and bread. Get a quality bread loaf, lovely olive oil (gotta be Australian-made, mate), dukkah (a mixture of herbs, nuts, and spices) and our Good Brew Raw Kombucha Vinegar. Pour olive oil, Good Brew kombucha vinegar and your dukkah in seperate dipping dishes. Cut the bread loaf into small pieces or tear pieces off as you need. Dip your bread pieces into the vinegar or olive oil (or both), then dip the coated bread in the dukkah. The dukkah will stick to the bread and you can now enjoy the lip-smacking flavours of these foods, transformed into a delicious and gut-friendly treat with Good Brew raw kombucha vinegar.

Celebrating Our New Raw Vinegar with 15% Off

We’re so excited about our new raw vinegar, we’re including an introductory offer of 15% off the normal price. You can pick up a 300ml bottle for just $7.60. This offer expires Monday 9/1/2017, thus you’ll have to move your feet and grab it soon. The chef in the family will love it for a Christmas pressie, too.

As an added bonus, any local pickups at our Brunswick location will be treated to a free Good Brew kombucha tasting session.

Order Your Kombucha Vinegar Now

Get Free Shipping on Kombucha Cases Just by Signing Up

Three different flavours of kombucha for cases.

As part of our efforts to provide delicious kombucha throughout Australia, we’re offering free shipping on all cases/slabs of kombucha. To get free shipping and stay up to date with our upcoming events, simply sign up to our newsletter. *

This free shipping deal is available for all of our kombucha varieties, including:

Our kombucha is brewed in the Yarra Valley VIC, using quality methods and natural organic ingredients. All the sugar and herbs we use are organic and since a few months ago we now use local organic loose leaf sencha green tea from the Yarra Valley.

Shipping/postage tracking is included for all kombucha case/slab (24 bottle) orders.

A discount coupon code is sent to your email address upon signing up to our newsletter. This coupon code must be entered during the cart and/or checkout process for free shipping on all cases of kombucha.

This deal is available until the end of October (midnight 31/10/2016).

For any questions about our Good Brew kombucha range, please get in touch with us.

* Coupon can be used once per new customer.

15% off All Kombucha and Jun SCOBY Starters until August 31

15% off all kombucha and jun SCOBY starter kits with free shipping.

Keen to brew your very own Kombucha or Jun? Now’s your chance to get a great deal on SCOBYs to start your own brew.

We’re offering 15% off so you can brew your own tasty beverages at home, at work or even on the road.

They cost as little as $16.95 for a SCOBY. All you’ll need is a jar, tea and sugar or honey (for Jun) and you’ll be brewing delicious fermented drinks in just a few days.

Deano is here to answer your fermenting questions in workshops (first one this Thursday) or anytime via email.

Make sure you get in quick, as this deal ends midnight August 31 2016.

Free Shipping for SCOBYs in Australia

Along with the amazing 15% off, all SCOBYs include free shipping throughout Australia. Whatever part of Australia you’re in, we’ll help get a SCOBY delivered to you.

Order SCOBY Starter Kits Today

Learn How to Brew Your Own at The Good Brew Workshop

For those of you near Melbourne that are interested in learning to brew your own kombucha, we’re hosting a kombucha brewing workshop at 7pm until midnight on the 11th of August. The workshop will be hosted at The Good Brew HQ, located at 54 Hope St, Brunswick VIC 3056.

Our workshop gives you the chance to brew your own kombucha with the masters at The Good Brew Company, plus you also receive a SCOBY starter kit to take home. Our head brewer, Joel; the infamous, magnanimous, gregarious, talented and modest Deano; and a variety of guest fermenters will be there to answer your questions and guide you through the process of creating your own delicious booch.

Timeline of the Night

  • 7pm welcome drinks
  • 7:30 pm workshop starts
  • Dean and Joel talk about:
    • Latest kombucha news
    • The best ways to brew at home
    • We brew a batch of kombucha together
    • We bottle a batch of kombucha
  • 9.30 pm Q&A with celebrity fermenters
  • 10pm after party

The Workshop Includes

  • Receive your own kombucha brew starter kit with a SCOBY
  • Learn how to brew your own delicious booch
  • Delicious fermented foods to try at your arrival
  • 2 free kombucha or jun drinks poured fresh on tap at the afterparty
  • 15% off any takeaway Good Brew Company products

Tickets can be purchased online or at the door (unless we sell out) for only $54.

Find out More and Book Your Tickets Now

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May Mother’s Sales and The Wellness Book Victoria

The Wellness Book Victoria and kombucha.

The Good Brew Company has come along way since Deano first started riding his keg bike loaded with brews into Melbourne’s most decadent warehouse parties. We’ve now become a company for every good mother. It’s quite a transition.

We’re unleashing some great deals this May, handy for those looking for a perfect gift for mum, and for those that are in the mood to treat themselves.

May SCOBY Sale

We’re raising a glass of kombucha to all those fantastic mothers out there by discounting all kombucha and jun SCOBYs purchased online by 15% until the end of the month. To make this deal even sweeter, all SCOBYs include free shipping throughout Australia.

To take advantage of this deal, simply head on over to our online store and order SCOBYs to your heart’s content.

Get in quick to grab your SCOBYs as this deal ends midnight May 31.

The Wellness Book Victoria

The Wellness Book Victoria celebrates the brilliant Victorian wellness scene, including the local people and areas that create it. Learn about seasonal veggies, discover delicious recipes, explore Victoria and its many healthy cafes, or find that perfect venue to stretch and relax. Whether you’re nuts about nutrition or in dire need of a yoga fix, this book is for you.

Normally retailing for 50 dollars, we’re selling this bad boy for just $39.95. Not only that, but order before Mother’s Day and we’ll throw in a 6 pack of our delicious kombucha.

Got a health-conscious mum? She’ll love our Wellness Book Combo.

Visit our store to order your combo pack today.

Check out the 2016 Wild Ferment Gathering This Weekend!

Wild Ferment Gathering 2016.

We have a right to LIVING BREWS AND FOODS—our corporate pandering, synthetic food loving government is trying very hard to remove this right!

That’s why the Living Brews and Foods Protestival movement was born. Our first event is this Sunday.

The Good Brew Company will be serving a range of delicious kombucha beverages at the 2016 Wild Ferment Gathering in Castlemaine, Victoria. Deano will also be speaking at the event as part of the Ferment Sovereignty Panel, covering topics such as fermented foods and beverages.

What is the Wild Ferment Gathering?

The 2016 Wild Ferment Gathering is a family-friendly event focused on fermentation. Experts and enthusiasts alike can try unique foods, taste new beverages, learn new culinary skills and discuss the many different aspects of fermented foods, such as probiotics for health.

There will be a range of stalls where you can sample and purchase foods or beverages (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic), along with learning new tricks to bring fermented foods into your kitchen.

The Main Stage will feature a range of guest speakers discussing topics such as Aboriginal ferments, gut health, sauerkraut, cheese, tempeh, beer, wine, bottling and many other topics related to fermentation.

The Science Corner includes experts in all fields of microbial science, ready to answer your questions. They’ll discuss topics including gut microbiome and health, lactic vegie ferments, alcoholic ferments and sourdough.

Plus to top it all off, there will be a fantastic range of live music and arts.

Where and When is it?

The gathering will be held in the Old Market Building in Castlemaine, VIC 3450.

The gathering starts at 9am on Sunday 6 March 2016 and runs until the late afternoon.

What Are You Serving?

We’ll be serving a range of delicious probiotic beverages, including our famous Hibiscus Lemongrass Ginger Kombucha and our incredible JUN brews.

We’ll also be serving Jazz Apple Cider and Buckleys solar brewed Ale’s and Lagers, all from the one bicycle!

Deano will also be speaking on the main stage from 3:10pm onwards with the Ferment Sovereignty Panel.
His topics will include but not be limited to:

  • The state of play with Kombucha and Food Safety.
  • Fermenting revolution.
  • Symbiotic ferments as a metaphor for living on the planet.
  • Symbiotic living, a necessary part of our evolution.

Visit for more information.

Good Brew’s at Rainbow Serpent Festival 2016

Good Brew Co serving at Rainbow Serpent Festival 2016.

Heading to Rainbow Serpent 2016? The Good Brew Co is excited to be offering our great range of delicious kombucha beverages at multiple locations on site for you to enjoy.

All our kombucha brews are served cold and KEGGED ON SITE at the festival using natural infusions. We’ll be experimenting with multiple flavours this year to titillate the mind, body and soul.

For the last 2 years, The Good Brew Co has been providing beverages and kegs at Rainbow Serpent Festival. Last year, we sold 83 kegs to 7 different locations, reducing the environmental impact of Rainbow Serpent by about 5,395 single units of packaging. This results in a cleaner environment, more happy smiles and more good times.

What Beverages and Flavours are Available?

We’ll have all of our standard range of kombucha with a Rainbow twist; we’re adding Yerba Maté for fun buzz times.

ORIGINAL + yerba matéPure green and oolong teaPure booch – Radical antioxidant living probiotic brew
PINK + yerba matéHibiscus, lemongrass and gingerGinger is a vacillator (increases blood flow) – Hibiscus vitamin C – Lemongrass is a mood enhancer
GREEN + yerba matéApple, mint and chlorophyllCleanser and revitaliser
ORANGEOrange blossom, turmeric and passion flowerAnti inflammatory – Chill – Dream visuals enhancer
PURPLELavender, acai, maqui and purple cornDeTox – Anti histamine – Superfood blend

We’ll also be experimenting with some extra yummy and healthful infusions, such as:

  • Liquorice root
  • Vanilla
  • Ashwaganda
  • Camu camu
  • Coconut
  • Blueberry
  • Ormus (monoatomic gold)
Preparing kegs and drinks.
Deano eagerly preparing kegs and drinks for Rainbow Serpent.

Where Can I Grab a Good Brew at Rainbow Serpent Festival 2016?

Taps serving Good Brew kombucha will be available at various stalls and areas throughout the festival. These include:

  • Psy Bus
    5 guns pouring reverse osmosis filtered soda water and multiple kombucha flavours.
  • Passion 4 Juice
    The big inflatable spikey juice dome on top of the hill. Up near the hammocks, open 24 hrs.
  • Market Stage Bar
    The best damn booze free bar in Australia.
  • Healing Space
    Healing brews to support the multi modality healing offered by the most enlightened beings you’ll ever meet.
  • Vegelicious
    Delicious vegetarian food and beverages to satisfy your hunger and thirst.

    !!!! HOT TIP !!!!
    BYO spirits (spiced rum for the red ones, jaeger/absynthe/mezcal for green ones, gin for orange ones, vodka for everything) in PLASTIC bottles and u can make yourself a kombucha cocktail WHEREVER YOU GO…. retox while you detox beautifuls! x

The Passion 4 Juice inflatable structure.
Passion 4 Juice, one of the many places you can purchase Good Brew kombucha at Rainbow Serpent Festival 2016.

Look out for us at popup events and other cafes as our beautiful festival gets into gear from Thursday. We hope to see you there!

Join The Good Brew Company at Stacks On Festival 2016

Good Brew Company serving for Stacks On Festival 2016.

The Good Brew Company is super stoked to provide two new kombucha flavours to keep you going at Stacks On Festival 2016. This year is the 5th anniversary of Stacks On, with fantastic tunes, shows, stalls and games for you and your mates to enjoy.

What’s on Tap?

We’ll be serving two new delicious flavours of kombucha. These include yerba mate infused hibiscus, lemongrass and ginger kombucha; and watermelon, mint and cinnamon kombucha.

What Is Stacks On Festival?

Stacks On is a day party within Melbourne. The event includes music, performers, market stalls, incredible set design and games for everyone to join in and have fun. 2016 marks the 5th anniversary for Stacks On and it’s sure to be an epic party.

The 2016 event includes a wide range of fantastic music such as Formidable Vegetable Sound System, Erik Parker, Matsumo Zoku, Mr Bill, and lots of electronic expansive ethereal EDM and pumping tunes to stomp your feet to.

Alongside the music stages are games, a maze, dressups and market stalls where you can purchase food and drinks. The Good Brew Company will be there, selling two delicious flavours of kombucha to satisfy your thirst.

This is a licensed event (18+), though it is also family friendly and children accompanied by an adult receive free entry.

Where Is Stacks On Held?

The event will be held at CERES Environment Park, 8 Lee Street, Brunswick East VIC 3057.

When Is Stacks On?

The event starts at 1:30pm and ends at 10pm on Saturday January 9, 2016.

How / Where Can I Purchase Tickets?

Visit the Culture Jam website to purchase tickets for Stacks On Festival 2016.

We hope to see you there!