MAY Your Brews Be Good Brews… News :)

Good Brew Company coloured lyrebirds.

We believe that a healthy culture inside leads to a healthy culture outside.

So for this edition of the Good Brew news we are celebrating the community of stockists, innovators and fellow eco-business owners who believe the change you want to see in the world, starts with how you do business.

As the days get shorter, and we all start to hibernate, keep in mind small businesses are still recovering from 2020, lets support & grow all our good connections.

good brew crew

We Love Our Stockists

From Brunswick to Ballarat,
from Hawthorn to Hepburn springs,
even from Richmond to Rye,
our living Kombucha is fridged, bottled,
and on tap in these gorgeous venues.

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Go forth, eat their food, shop at their stores and support the small businesses who love your guts, the community and our planet.

Learn from the Expert


Dean O'Callaghan of The Good Brew Co standing in nature.

Brew-your-own kombucha workshop Thursday 29th at 7pm.

There are still a few tickets available for our incredible, inspirational and inspiring workshops!!

Our Ecopreneur CEO Deano shares his decade+ of brewing expertise and industry insights into how to brew your own Living Kombucha.

Held at GoodBrew HQ in Brunswick Thursday 29th April at 7pm.

You want more? Yes! We too are into abundance. You’ll get to take home your very own SCOBY start kit, to start fermenting the minute you get home.

Limited spots, get in there!

Bought a ticket and you can’t make it this Thursday?
Don’t worry! Your ticket is good for future sessions.

Book in and Learn to Brew Here

Kombucha Gummies

Is there nothing that can’t be done with a SCOBY?

Red kombucha gummies on a plate.

Are you guys making gummies out of your scoby yet? Send us some of your ideas for next months newsletter and if it’s any good we’ll give you a shoutout next month and some free stuff.

We have been sampling a bunch of kombucha lollies & gummies here at Goodbrew HQ, and these look hands down the best.

if your kids don’t love kombucha yet, but love fruit roll ups, this is the perfect hack for getting some probiotic goodness into their guts. !! 🙂

Kombucha Gummy Reipe Here

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We have been dedicating a lot of time to showcasing what we do, how we do it and why it is so important to do it lovingly, ethically and sustainably.
Connect with us if you haven’t already, we think you’ll like what you see.
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May all your brews be good brews.


New Flavours, New Sizes and New Look

New look Good Brew Co news with a colourful background.

Hi there!

Could it be? Dare we say it? Is this what the new normal feels like?

Lockdowns feel like a distant fever dream, festivals and community events are back on, and we have brewed up some good news for everyone.

Thank you for being here.

Good Brew Co coloured lyrebirds.

Why Yes, Thank You for Noticing
We Do Have a New Look!

New colours, new fonts, a new feel with the same delicious solar-brewed sparkling probiotics. Our newsletter, socials and products have received a new look, with the website to follow.

Like all of our brews, our new designs are inspired by nature, with added love. Our in-house designer remixed photographs from natural textures and vistas with analogue video techniques, creating a new look that visually represents the sparkling, flavourful, colourful taste of our living kombucha. Notice our spirit animal the lyrebird is still in there? We’ve had an affinity for this amazing creature since the beginning of GoodBrew in 2009.

Check our socials for some sweet competitions with these visuals (hint, it’s probably the ocean one).

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330ml and 750ml glass kombucha bottles.

Bigger! Better! Good-er!

New sizes to share and enjoy

Did you know all our sparkling, organic probiotic kombucha is now available in both the deliciously handy 330ml and the bigger, better, good-er sharing size of 750ml.

More booch for your buck.

And better yet, if you bring your clean, glass or plastic bottles to our Brunswick HQ (view our location on Google Maps) we’ll refill those bad boys for you AND give you a $1 discount. Saving money, saving the environment and saving your gut health.

We really do love your gut, our community and the planet.

Get Yourself a Biggy Here

The (We Miss) Summer Series

If You like Pina Colada | Bush Tucker Bubble Gum | the Remedy

Good Brew 750ml Summer Series flavours.

Sure, autumn is kinda pretty, the changing leaves, the warming comfort food (we recommend Lentil As Anything’s Creamy Mushroom Spaghetti). Though we can’t shake the feeling that summer felt a little too short this year, so we’re keeping that sweet summer vibe rolling with The (We Miss) Summer Series of Living Kombucha.

If you Like Pina Colada – Pineapple and Coconut

Fruity, Fun, Flirty, we love this flavour, even more than the cheesy 80s song. No need to write a classified to find a refreshing summery flavour, we’ve got it right here for you.

Perfect as is, or if you’d like a boozy sun-soaked cocktail, add a dash of Rum (we love spiced or golden here at HQ) and fresh Pineapple is always a good choice.

Bush Tucker Bubble Gum – Strawberry Gum & Banana

A favourite with the kids, or the inner kid in us all, this is one of our funkiest flavours to date.

The secret ingredient is the natural eucalyptus olida or strawberry gum, completely different from any other eucalyptus trees, the leaves were historically chewed by Aboriginal Australians for their bubble-gum type flavour.

We’re so proud to have sourced our Strawberry Gum from Melbourne Bush Foods, a company we respect for making native bush foods available for everyone’s pantry and having the same young entrepreneurial spirit Good Brew co was founded on all those decades ago. Check out their recipes, mission statement and our favourite page – their championing of Indigenous Ecological Knowledge at their website.

The Remedy – Reishi, Echinacea, Elder and Inca Berry

This is the Goodbrew Crew’s secret potion that we use around the office and breweries that may help ward off any nasty bugs and flus.

Buy Yourself Some Summer

New Ventures, New Adventures

Extremely Alive Wellness Tonics

Extremely Alive 40ml tonic tincture jars.

Elevate Your Biological Bliss

Never one for sitting still, our CEO Deano is very proud to announce a new venture; Extremely Alive Wellness Tonics.

Created with the renowned medical doctor, published university professor and wellness pioneer Dr Marc Cohen, Extremely Alive marries eastern and western medicinal practices with scientific biome research to create cutting edge wellness tonics. Decades of brewing expertise from our ecopreneur and CEO, Deano, and decades of scientific and medical research by Dr.Marc Cohen have gone into the development of this new range, focused on incorporating a holistic lifestyle of wellness, biological bliss and cellular synchronicity.

This is a big deal. Explore the full range here – Concentrate, Defend, Detox, Elevate and Soothe.

Invite-Only Launch Event

Are you lucky enough to be up north?
Come celebrate our new venture.
Wednesday 24th March from 4pm-midnight
17 Banksia Drive, Byron Bay
Kombucha, blessed fizzy water
Ice bathing, bonfires,
Extremely Alive Wellness Tonics with or without booze,
food, live music, DJ’s, laser lights, and pyrotechnics.

Invite your friends (the extremely good ones, since it’s invite only).

All free, we are passing the abundance of this amazing new product on to you, dear friends.

Hope to see you there.

RSVP Here At Our Facebook

Events and Happenings

Very proud to be serving living kombucha at these cool community-focused events in March and April (down in Victoria).

Russell Street Brunswick event 27/03/2021.
Off-Grid Living Festival 2021.
Art Show Closing Party 25/03/2021.
Sound Vision music event in Kensington VIC.

May all your brews be good brews x

New Summer Series Flavours and 750ml Bottles

New Summer Series kombucha flavours from The Good Brew Co.

We’re stoked to announce our special new Summer Series flavours, available as 750ml bottles. We’ve also got these snazzy new 750ml bottles of all of our other kombucha flavours. Buy the special new Good Brew bottles online, from our HQ or see your local stockists, and come past our Brunswick HQ (54 Hope St, Brunswick) for $5-6 refills of any flavour on tap!

Our new Summer Series flavours are:

Along with our classic flavours:

Victoria Only Deliveries for Kombucha Bottles

Due to the extremely alive nature of our organic kombucha, we ship within Victoria only as the bottles can’t remain out of the fridge for too long.

If you see a kombucha company offering cheap kombucha shipped throughout all of Australia, be careful of what is actually in these bottles. These companies may be selling “dead” kombucha, which has had the beneficial bacteria goodness stripped out to make it shelf stable.

For large stockist orders, we can make an exception and arrange refrigerated transport. Please contact us to discuss and place your stockist order.

Our Next Kombucha Workshop is on 25/2/2021

Our COVID-safe kombucha brewing workshop are back with a bang! The next one will be held on Thursday, 25/2/2021 and are held monthly on last Thursday of the month. If you can’t make it to our February workshop, swing by the next one.

At our fun and informative workshops, you’ll learn to brew kombucha like a pro and impress all of your DIY mates. Each ticket holder receives a kombucha SCOBY, along with delicious nibbles and other treats to enjoy at the workshop.

Tickets are only $53.95 each so book yours now. If you already have a scoby, get in touch with our helpful crew to receive a $14 discount coupon code.

Book Your Tickets Now

Festive Season Closure from 23/12/2020 to 3/1/2021

2020/2021 festive season break for The Good Brew Company.

The Good Brew Co will be taking a well earned break during the festive season.

We’ll shut our doors from Wednesday 23/12/2020 and reopen on Monday 4/1/2021.

Staff will be back on Tuesday 29/12/2020 to post out and hand deliver any last minute emergency orders for our beautiful stockists.

Our web store will be running as usual and ready to take your orders.

This New Years, our whole team will be at FRL. Get there if ya can! It will be amazing. If you haven’t heard of FRL (Folk Rhythm Life festival), you wouldn’t know about this little shindig coming up on New Year’s Eve. If you have, you know what I mean when I say you are gonna want to get to this one. For more info, visit: The party is affectionately titled FRO2020. I think you can guess what the FRO means.

From everyone at The Good Brew Co, we wish you a fantastic break (if you get one) and a happy new year.

Our Next Kombucha Workshop Will Be Thursday January 14th

Our next kombucha brewing workshop will be in January 2021, on Thursday the 14th.

We generally run these workshops around the last Thursday of every month though for the start of 2021 we are making it a bit earlier. If you can’t make it to the event for any reason, you will always be welcome at the next workshop.

Our kombucha workshops teach each attendee how to brew amazing kombucha in an informative, fun and friendly atmosphere. Every ticket holder also gets their own kombucha SCOBY/starter to take home.

Tickets are just $53.95 each. Tickets are purely digital and we’ll have ticket holder names on the door.

Book Your Tickets Now

Introducing SCOBY of the Month

Good Brew SCOBY of the month, December 2020 from Jonra Seward.

So we’re running a SCOBY of the month competition on our Instagram ( Some incredible shots are coming in and some brutal ones. Do you have an amazing / hilarious SCOBY of your own that you want to show off?

The winner of each month will receive a flavouring infusion pack. Maybe the hibiscus, lemongrass and ginger mix so you can pretty up your brew. We’ve seen some shockers!

This month’s winner is Jonra Seward and their SCOBY (pictured above) can definitely do with some flower arrangements. 🙂

If you don’t Insta, you can email us via using the subject “SCOBY of the Month Submission” with a good quality photo and a short description of your particular SCOBY. Our veteran brewers / judges will review the SCOBYs and include the pick on our newsletters, website and social media.

Please note that as part of submitting a SCOBY for SCOBY of the Month, we may use your photo on our website, social media, newsletter and other digital channels. We may also include your name and short description of your SCOBY. Please mention in your submission if you want any specific details used or not included.

Update January 2021

We have extended our newsletter coupon code to run until 1/2/2021. Jump on it now to grab a discount on kombucha and jun brewing supplies.

Our Kombucha Brewing Workshops Return for November 2020

We are open! We have a COVID-safe plan and the shop is open and brewing. With kombucha on tap in a range of flavours and bottle stock.

Summer flavours in 750 mL bottles are coming soon with labels in your local organic shop! But in the meantime, come get ‘em from Goodbrew HQ from the tap for only $5 a bottle. BYO wine bottles if possible.

Current range is:

  • Pina Colada (Pineapple & Coconut).
  • Pistachio, Apple Mint.
  • “The Remedy” Reishi Muschroom, Incaberry & Elderberry.

Free shipping to neighbouring suburbs of Goodbrew HQ in Brunswick. We love our community and we will continue to support it (it’s also really easy to drop stuff off to our neighbouring suburbs on delivery runs).

We’re stoked to announce that our kombucha brewing workshops are returning, starting this November in 2020. As usual, you’ll learn the best kombucha brewing methods from Australian pros in the industry and get your very own kombucha SCOBY/starter.

We’re COVID-safe and ready to rumble! Our very own hand sanitiser will be available. If you have any symptoms, please stay home and consider the well-being of our participants and staff.

When Is the Next Workshop?

The next workshop will be hosted on Thursday 26/11/2020.

Doors open at 7pm. The workshop segment starts at 7:30pm and ends at 9:30pm.

It will be located at our HQ, 54 Hope St, Brunswick VIC 3056.

We generally run these workshops around the last Thursday of every month. If you can’t make it to the event for any reason, you will always be welcome at the next workshop.

What Happens at a Good Brew Workshop?

At a Good Brew kombucha brewing workshop, you’ll learn straightforward methods to brew the best of kombucha. Alongside lessons from brewing professionals, the workshop includes:

  • Every ticket holder gets a kombucha SCOBY to start their own brew.
  • Introduction to coconut water kefir, jun and fermented vegetables.
  • Enjoy 2 free Good Brew kombucha bevvies fresh on tap.
  • Delicious fermented snacks to keep you sated.
  • Get 15% off any takeaway products from The Good Brew Company.

Tickets are just $53.95 each. Tickets are purely digital and we’ll have ticket holder names on the door.

If you already own a kombucha SCOBY, contact our team and we’ll send you a unique $14 discount code to use with your ticket purchase.

Places Are Limited – Book Your Spot Now

Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions in Victoria, there will be a limited amount of spaces available at our kombucha brewing workshop. Please book your ticket ahead to ensure your spot.

Book Your Tickets Now