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Brew Your Own While You’re Stuck At Home

Two more weeks of lockdown means…

Two more weeks of free shipping!!!

The silver lining of lockdown extensions is two more weeks of FREE SHIPPING!!! Got some spare time up your sleeve? Get your kombucha making groove on with free shipping on tea, sugar, flavours kits, scobys, brew kits and fermenter jars.

And we still have free shipping to any state or territory experiencing a lockdown – Australia wide!

Bored? Get into the fine art of kombucha brewing. Want to send a gift that keeps giving? Try an infinite supply of kombucha or jun. Brew boxes, full kits or just some delicious flavours to spice up your home brews.

We’ll cover all shipping & postage costs, you just look after yourself, and each other.


Come say hello!

We’re masked up, hand sanitized and COVID-safe pick-up window ready. You can click and collect OR order at the window for our fresh kombucha and brewing products that are ready to go! Our window is open Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm at Good Brew HQ 54 Hope St, Brunswick VIC 3056.

Select ‘Local Pickup’ in the shipping and checkout process for click and collect from our HQ.


Do you enjoy the delicious taste of our Chlorella, Apple and Bush River Mint kombucha?

Now you can make it yourself with our new at home brewing flavour kit.

Organic apple? Check.
Bush River Mint? Yep.
Chlorella? Yes please.
Dried organic ingredients that will replicate one of our most delicious and popular flavours. Try it today!



For this whole (never ending?) lockdown we have had the great gift of free shipping for all brewing stuff for affected areas. From NSW regional, QLD, Sydney, Victoria. If your area is in lockdown your shipping is free! Get the most of it before this promotion ends on Friday midnight.

Need some brazillian organic certified sugar to feed your scoby? Flavour kits for that tasty flavour change-up? Want to start brewing your own Jun with honey? Or maybe you need a lockdown gift for that special loved one that you can’t see in real life?


We have some new probiotic delicious goodness brewing at Good Brew! Come in for some deliciously flavoured Water Kefir available on tap at the Good Brew HQ in Brunswick.
Kefir is a delicious fermented probiotic drink with a subtle flavour, and makes those flavours pop with tastey-ness!
We are offering $5 bottles of kefir if you bring your own empty & washed wine bottle. Flavours are different every week so stay tuned to our sandwich board to find out!


May all your brews be good brews.


Our monthly workshop is now online!

Want to learn more about brewing basics, kombucha science and getting the best out of your scoby baby?

Join the online version of our workshops on the last Thursday of every month. As part of the ticket, we’ll send you out your SCOBY as soon as you order so you can be ready for some online fun and learning times.

If you want to wait until IRL classes are back, you can still buy a ticket for the workshop that will be valid for any future month!


Coming Soon

One of these days we’re going to be able to launch our new brew bikes! What a ride!!!

If you’ve seen them at a few recent events around Melbourne, you may have noticed these custom built babies with psychedelic new lighting, the 3D printed UV magic cup holders and the delicious drinks pouring off the back. We’ll let you know more about the making of later but for now just enjoy a sweet snap of the bikes in (in)action.

As an essential food service, remember, our GoodBrew HQ is open all through lockdown.

We’re here for you, Melbourne.

May all your brews be good brews.

Stay safe everyone.