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Brewing Workshop: Learn To Brew Your Own Kombucha This July

We love beer, maybe too much. Though we also LOVE kombucha.

Our esteemed CEO, abundance generator and imbiber of all things fermented is making the ultimate sacrifice this coming month. To make it easier to forgo beer he is running a workshop to help us all brew our own non-alcoholic ferments. There will also be big specials on our Kombucha for the entire month of July so stay tuned to our facebook page:


Tickets are only $54 and include:

  • Comprehensive kombucha brew education workshop.
  • Kombucha brew starter kit with a SCOBY.
  • Fermented foods for you to enjoy at your arrival (Vegan KimChi toasties with a vegetarian option available too).
  • 15% off any takeaway Good Brew Company products.
  • BRING a bottle and get any of our kombucha on tap for only $5 a litre (that’s half the price of booch on tap in stores)
  • 2 free glasses of booch on arrival and throughout the workshop.

Following from the workshop will be an afterparty with drink specials, music, table tennis, table soccer and more. Sit back and relax (or best your mates at table tennis).


The workshop will be hosted at our warehouse in Brunswick (54 Hope St, Brunswick VIC 3056).

The workshop begins at 7:30pm and finishes at 9:30pm. The event will continue until midnight, including an afterparty where attendees can get to know each other, taste delicious fermented foods and beverages, plus enjoy table soccer and table tennis.


Make sure to enter your name correctly upon purchasing tickets as these will be checked at the door. Please present your ticket and name at the door.


If you already have a kombucha SCOBY, you can get tickets for just $40. Simply contact us first to save $14 on your ticket.

Please note that if you enter the coupon code you will not receive a SCOBY kit at the workshop as part of your ticket.