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Good Brew August 2021 lockdown free shipping for homebrew.

Two more weeks of lockdown means…

Two more weeks of free shipping!!!

The silver lining of lockdown extensions is two more weeks of FREE SHIPPING!!! Got some spare time up your sleeve? Get your kombucha making groove on with free shipping on tea, sugar, flavours kits, scobys, brew kits and fermenter jars.

And we still have free shipping to any state or territory experiencing a lockdown – Australia wide!

Bored? Get into the fine art of kombucha brewing. Want to send a gift that keeps giving? Try an infinite supply of kombucha or jun. Brew boxes, full kits or just some delicious flavours to spice up your home brews.

We’ll cover all shipping & postage costs, you just look after yourself, and each other.

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Contactless COVID-Safe Window

Good Brew Brunswick Melbourne COVID lockdown service window.

Come say hello!

We’re masked up, hand sanitized and COVID-safe pick-up window ready. You can click and collect OR order at the window for our fresh kombucha and brewing products that are ready to go! Our window is open Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm at Good Brew HQ 54 Hope St, Brunswick VIC 3056.

Select ‘Local Pickup’ in the shipping and checkout process for click and collect from our HQ.

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New Product Alert

Good Brew chlorella, apple and bush river mint flavouring kit.

Do you enjoy the delicious taste of our Chlorella, Apple and Bush River Mint kombucha?

Now you can make it yourself with our new at home brewing flavour kit.

Organic apple? Check.
Bush River Mint? Yep.
Chlorella? Yes please.
Dried organic ingredients that will replicate one of our most delicious and popular flavours. Try it today!

Get This Natural Flavouring Now

Good Brew Company chlorella apple mint dry ingredients.

Online Workshop

Our monthly workshop is now online!

Kombucha brewing and fermentation workshop hosted online.

Want to learn more about brewing basics, kombucha science and getting the best out of your scoby baby?

Join the online version of our workshops on the last Thursday of every month. As part of the ticket, we’ll send you out your SCOBY as soon as you order so you can be ready for some online fun and learning times.

If you want to wait until IRL classes are back, you can still buy a ticket for the workshop that will be valid for any future month!

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Bike Launch

Coming Soon

Good Brew Company Australia kombucha brew bar bikes.

One of these days we’re going to be able to launch our new brew bikes! What a ride!!!

If you’ve seen them at a few recent events around Melbourne, you may have noticed these custom built babies with psychedelic new lighting, the 3D printed UV magic cup holders and the delicious drinks pouring off the back. We’ll let you know more about the making of later but for now just enjoy a sweet snap of the bikes in (in)action.

As an essential food service, remember, our GoodBrew HQ is open all through lockdown.

We’re here for you, Melbourne.

May all your brews be good brews.

Stay safe everyone.


Free Lockdown Gifts from Our Hearts to Yours

The Good Brew Company 2021 lockdown gift edition.

We Want to Give You Free Stuff

Lockdown Sucks. But we’ve been here before. At GoodBrew HQ we kept thinking, how can we make lockdown Good-er this time? How can we help our community in this time of hurting & isolation? And BAM! It came to us, with FREE STUFF. Our hope is that the more we give, the more we all receive.

Free Live Workshop

7:30pm TOMORROW, Thursday 22nd July via ZOOM

Deano hosting a Good Brew Co kombucha brewing workshop.

A free sharing of expertise on all things homebrew, kombucha, gut health.

From our hearts to yours, let us share our time & our knowledge with you.

No Promo Codes. No Gift-with-Purchase. No Gimmicks.

Just our Ecoprenuer Deano, sharing his wealth of knowledge & answering your questions about your HomeBrew, covid safely, via Zoom.

Normally $50, a gift from The Goodbrew Crew, to everyone in lockdown.

We’ll send you a reminder at 7:20 tomorrow X

Zoom Link

Meeting code: 711 3317 2887

Passcode: G5whv5

We can’t wait to share with you tomorrow night

Free Shipping

What better way to share than gifting you everything you need to start brewing your own medicine?

Sour Dough baking was so last lockdown. Spend your time gently growing your own medicine, tending to your very own SCOBY pet, and caring for your gut health, whilst creating an infinite supply of delicious kombucha or jun to share.

We’ll cover all shipping and postage costs for those in NSW, VIC and SA. You just look after yourself, and each other.

Brewery in a Box

Good brew company jun brewery in a box with tea and honey.

Brand New Jun Brewery in a Box

Order Now for Free Shipping

Kombucha brewery kit in a box with sugar and tea.

Brand New Kombucha Brewery in a Box

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“Even the Jars?” Yup!

Good Brew jun complete brewing kit with a glass jar.

Complete Homebrew Jun Kit

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Good Brew complete kombucha brew kit with glass jar.

Complete Homebrew Kombucha Kit

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Lockdown and brew, chill, puzzle and bake.

As an essential food service, remember, our goodbrew HQ is open all through lockdown (54 Hope St, Brunswick VIC 3056).

Come pinch some free herbs, grab yourself some delicious kombucha or tonics, we have a complete COVID safe window.

We’re here for you, Melbourne.

May all your brews be good brews.
Hang in there.

Are you Winter Ready?

Are you winter ready Good Brew news.

Settle in for some hibernation, booch buddies.

We’ve shivered through the last days of autumn with winter now here.

This Goodbrew news will be dedicated to tips and tricks for all things winter:

  1. Getting your home brewing setup winter-ready.
  2. Preparing your immune system for the sniffles.
  3. And how to keep warm on long winter nights (not like that you cheeky monkey).

Keep Your SCOBY Toasty in the Winter Months

Three different Good Brew fermentor jars with taps.

That gorgeous little SCOBY that’s growing in your homebrew kit gets cold too! Just like your other pets, it needs a little extra love and warmth as the colder weather rolls in.

The glorious sweet little bacteria working to make your at-home kombucha is kinda fussy about the temperature, they thrive at 23 degrees celsius, but they can survive at 10 degrees on either side of that.

Heating, drafts, fireplaces and long cold winter nights can all cause fluctuations in temperature in your home. So finding a spot where your booch is consistently in that sweet spot around 23 degrees is key to a happy, healthy and harmonious SCOBY.

The moment when we have to be most careful about the thermostat is just after feeding your SCOBY. The bacteria that emerge to eat and ferment your kombucha matters! Good bacteria grow in a warm environment, and bad bacteria love the cold. Here are our tips for the best spots in your home for a winter ready home brewing set up.

Where You Place Your Fermentor Matters

The fridge. The coldest place inside is the warmest place outside. By placing your fermentation jar on top of the fridge, or on a shelf above your fridge, the heat that rises from the inside provides a warm space for your SCOBY to grow. Wrapping the fermentation jar in a thick blanket adds an extra layer of insulation.

The hot water system. It’s worth hunting down that mysterious cupboard in your house. It provides warmth not just for toasty winter showers, but for your SCOBY too. Pop your fermentation station in that warm little space in a box or milk crate insulated with a scarf or blanket. Make sure the opening of the jar is still covered by a breathable, dust-defying cloth.

The humble milkcrate. The easiest, simplest, most sustainable option is a thick warm blanket or scarf tucked into a milkcrate. Snuggle your fermentation jar in to keep the ‘booch warm and growing. The fermentation process generates its own heat and the insulation from the blanket guards it against any drops in temperature. And of course, it never hurts to give your booch a hug – we all need one for the colder months.

Preparing Your Immune System for Winter

Look after your gut and your gut looks after you.

Jars and bottles of the Extremely Alive Defend Flu Shot drink.

The Flu Shot from Extremely Alive.

Our sister company, Extremely Alive, combines years of research in medical science with ancient brewing techniques to produce kick-ass wellness tonics that leave you feeling invincible. Exactly what we all need as the dreaded lurgie floats around in the colder months.

The flu shot is designed to help potentially fortify your defences against colds and flus by recharging your cellular soldiers and boost your internal defences.

Made with the same ancestral SCOBY as all our living kombucha, the Extremely Alive tonics pack a punch against cold and flus. Prevention is the best line of defence this winter.

Boost Your Winter Defences Here

Mulled Wine Kombucha

Warm up your kombucha and your winter nights.

Glasses of mulled wine kombucha with cinnamon and orange.

Our simple mulled wine recipe makes a booch-iful non-alcoholic version of this winter favourite.

Gently dry heat a few star anise, a stick or two of cinnamon, a pinch of nutmeg powder, a few cloves and a quarter cup of sugar in a saucepan.

As your sugar caramelises, stir continuously, gently pouring in a cup of water. Check for sweetness, add a little more sugar if needed, simmer and enjoy those gorgeous aromatics.

Once sugar is completely dissolved, take your mixture off the heat, and let it cool. A few orange slices popped in for colour & a little flavour too.

Be careful, you’ll kill your living kombucha if you add it to a hot mixture! Once it’s below 50 degrees celsius, pour in your own homebrew, or one of the Goodbrew’s living kombuchas. We recommend the hibiscus, ginger and lemongrass living kombucha. The perfect flavour match for a this wintery and comforting brew.

Home Brewing Workshop

June’s workshop focusing on all things winter.

Straining tea for brewing kombucha.

Do you know how to keep your home-brew happy during the colder months? Are you new to home-brewing? Do you want a winter hobby that isn’t baking any-more-damn sourdough? Ferment with intent at our monthly home-brew workshop.

Thursday 24th June at 7pm at 54 Hope Street, Brunswick VIC 3056 – Melbourne

Due to the current Victorian / Melbourne lockdown, workshop availability may change. If the workshop needs to be postponed, tickets remain valid. If you purchased a ticket and miss out on a workshop, you can use your ticket for our future workshops.

Limited spots available in our heated Brunswick HQ. Detailed, hands-on, practical know-how to start up, reboot or improve your SCOBY’s living conditions.

All workshops taught by our CEO ecopreneur, Deano, teaching from decades of international brewing experience.

Book Your Spot Now

May all your brews be good brews

MAY Your Brews Be Good Brews… News :)

Good Brew Company coloured lyrebirds.

We believe that a healthy culture inside leads to a healthy culture outside.

So for this edition of the Good Brew news we are celebrating the community of stockists, innovators and fellow eco-business owners who believe the change you want to see in the world, starts with how you do business.

As the days get shorter, and we all start to hibernate, keep in mind small businesses are still recovering from 2020, lets support & grow all our good connections.

good brew crew

We Love Our Stockists

From Brunswick to Ballarat,
from Hawthorn to Hepburn springs,
even from Richmond to Rye,
our living Kombucha is fridged, bottled,
and on tap in these gorgeous venues.

View Our Stockists

Go forth, eat their food, shop at their stores and support the small businesses who love your guts, the community and our planet.

Learn from the Expert


Dean O'Callaghan of The Good Brew Co standing in nature.

Brew-your-own kombucha workshop Thursday 29th at 7pm.

There are still a few tickets available for our incredible, inspirational and inspiring workshops!!

Our Ecopreneur CEO Deano shares his decade+ of brewing expertise and industry insights into how to brew your own Living Kombucha.

Held at GoodBrew HQ in Brunswick Thursday 29th April at 7pm.

You want more? Yes! We too are into abundance. You’ll get to take home your very own SCOBY start kit, to start fermenting the minute you get home.

Limited spots, get in there!

Bought a ticket and you can’t make it this Thursday?
Don’t worry! Your ticket is good for future sessions.

Book in and Learn to Brew Here

Kombucha Gummies

Is there nothing that can’t be done with a SCOBY?

Red kombucha gummies on a plate.

Are you guys making gummies out of your scoby yet? Send us some of your ideas for next months newsletter and if it’s any good we’ll give you a shoutout next month and some free stuff.

We have been sampling a bunch of kombucha lollies & gummies here at Goodbrew HQ, and these look hands down the best.

if your kids don’t love kombucha yet, but love fruit roll ups, this is the perfect hack for getting some probiotic goodness into their guts. !! 🙂

Kombucha Gummy Reipe Here

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We have been dedicating a lot of time to showcasing what we do, how we do it and why it is so important to do it lovingly, ethically and sustainably.
Connect with us if you haven’t already, we think you’ll like what you see.
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May all your brews be good brews.


New Summer Series Flavours and 750ml Bottles

New Summer Series kombucha flavours from The Good Brew Co.

We’re stoked to announce our special new Summer Series flavours, available as 750ml bottles. We’ve also got these snazzy new 750ml bottles of all of our other kombucha flavours. Buy the special new Good Brew bottles online, from our HQ or see your local stockists, and come past our Brunswick HQ (54 Hope St, Brunswick) for $5-6 refills of any flavour on tap!

Our new Summer Series flavours are:

Along with our classic flavours:

Victoria Only Deliveries for Kombucha Bottles

Due to the extremely alive nature of our organic kombucha, we ship within Victoria only as the bottles can’t remain out of the fridge for too long.

If you see a kombucha company offering cheap kombucha shipped throughout all of Australia, be careful of what is actually in these bottles. These companies may be selling “dead” kombucha, which has had the beneficial bacteria goodness stripped out to make it shelf stable.

For large stockist orders, we can make an exception and arrange refrigerated transport. Please contact us to discuss and place your stockist order.

Our Next Kombucha Workshop is on 25/2/2021

Our COVID-safe kombucha brewing workshop are back with a bang! The next one will be held on Thursday, 25/2/2021 and are held monthly on last Thursday of the month. If you can’t make it to our February workshop, swing by the next one.

At our fun and informative workshops, you’ll learn to brew kombucha like a pro and impress all of your DIY mates. Each ticket holder receives a kombucha SCOBY, along with delicious nibbles and other treats to enjoy at the workshop.

Tickets are only $53.95 each so book yours now. If you already have a scoby, get in touch with our helpful crew to receive a $14 discount coupon code.

Book Your Tickets Now