Eco-friendly Catering

For Private And Public Events

Good Brew provides high quality catering and consultation services to help you with your next event.

We offer a range of comprehensive catering services for corporate events, festivals, fundraisers and private parties.

We’ll come self-contained, bringing along the beverages, cups and necessary equipment required for us to cater to your event.


Serving events throughout Melbourne and Victoria


Biodegradable cups and solar brewed beverages


Cider, beer and organic kombucha kegs delivered

Order A Keg

Thinking of what to do for your next party? A keg is always a crowd pleaser and The Good Brew Co kegs are available at competitive rates for private and public events. Whether you’re looking for something delicious at your birthday party or want to keep everyone satisfied at your next fundraiser, we’ve got you covered.

We can professionally staff the keg and bar for you, or provide you with the keg and taps for you to easily access as you need during your event; we’ll then pick up the keg once your event is complete.

Many delicious beverages are available for your keg, including beer, cider and kombucha.


Non-alcoholic and vegan beverages are available for event catering, such as our range of soft drinks.