The Good Brew Company 2021 lockdown gift edition.

Free Lockdown Gifts from Our Hearts to Yours

We Want to Give You Free Stuff

Lockdown Sucks. But we’ve been here before. At GoodBrew HQ we kept thinking, how can we make lockdown Good-er this time? How can we help our community in this time of hurting & isolation? And BAM! It came to us, with FREE STUFF. Our hope is that the more we give, the more we all receive.

Free Live Workshop

7:30pm TOMORROW, Thursday 22nd July via ZOOM

Deano hosting a Good Brew Co kombucha brewing workshop.

A free sharing of expertise on all things homebrew, kombucha, gut health.

From our hearts to yours, let us share our time & our knowledge with you.

No Promo Codes. No Gift-with-Purchase. No Gimmicks.

Just our Ecoprenuer Deano, sharing his wealth of knowledge & answering your questions about your HomeBrew, covid safely, via Zoom.

Normally $50, a gift from The Goodbrew Crew, to everyone in lockdown.

We’ll send you a reminder at 7:20 tomorrow X

Zoom Link

Meeting code: 711 3317 2887

Passcode: G5whv5

We can’t wait to share with you tomorrow night

Free Shipping

What better way to share than gifting you everything you need to start brewing your own medicine?

Sour Dough baking was so last lockdown. Spend your time gently growing your own medicine, tending to your very own SCOBY pet, and caring for your gut health, whilst creating an infinite supply of delicious kombucha or jun to share.

We’ll cover all shipping and postage costs for those in NSW, VIC and SA. You just look after yourself, and each other.

Brewery in a Box

Good brew company jun brewery in a box with tea and honey.

Brand New Jun Brewery in a Box

Order Now for Free Shipping

Kombucha brewery kit in a box with sugar and tea.

Brand New Kombucha Brewery in a Box

Order Now for Free Shipping

“Even the Jars?” Yup!

Good Brew jun complete brewing kit with a glass jar.

Complete Homebrew Jun Kit

Order Now for Free Shipping

Good Brew complete kombucha brew kit with glass jar.

Complete Homebrew Kombucha Kit

Order Now for Free Shipping

Lockdown and brew, chill, puzzle and bake.

As an essential food service, remember, our goodbrew HQ is open all through lockdown (54 Hope St, Brunswick VIC 3056).

Come pinch some free herbs, grab yourself some delicious kombucha or tonics, we have a complete COVID safe window.

We’re here for you, Melbourne.

May all your brews be good brews.
Hang in there.

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