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Good Brew At Rainbow Serpent Festival 2016

Heading to Rainbow Serpent 2016? The Good Brew Co is excited to be offering our great range of delicious kombucha beverages at multiple locations on site for you to enjoy.

All our kombucha brews are served cold and KEGGED ON SITE at the festival using natural infusions. We’ll be experimenting with multiple flavours this year to titillate the mind, body and soul.

For the last 2 years, The Good Brew Co has been providing beverages and kegs at Rainbow Serpent Festival. Last year, we sold 83 kegs to 7 different locations, reducing the environmental impact of Rainbow Serpent by about 5,395 single units of packaging. This results in a cleaner environment, more happy smiles and more good times.


We’ll have all of our standard range of kombucha with a Rainbow twist; we’re adding Yerba Maté for fun buzz times.

ORIGINAL + yerba matéPure green and oolong teaPure booch – Radical antioxidant living probiotic brew
PINK + yerba matéHibiscus, lemongrass and gingerGinger is a vacillator (increases blood flow) – Hibiscus vitamin C – Lemongrass is a mood enhancer
GREEN + yerba matéApple, mint and chlorophyllCleanser and revitaliser
ORANGEOrange blossom, turmeric and passion flowerAnti inflammatory – Chill – Dream visuals enhancer
PURPLELavender, acai, maqui and purple cornDeTox – Anti histamine – Superfood blend

We’ll also be experimenting with some extra yummy and healthful infusions, such as:

  • Liquorice root
  • Vanilla
  • Ashwaganda
  • Camu camu
  • Coconut
  • Blueberry
  • Ormus (monoatomic gold)

Deano eagerly preparing kegs and drinks for Rainbow Serpent.


Taps serving Good Brew kombucha will be available at various stalls and areas throughout the festival. These include:

  • Psy Bus
    5 guns pouring reverse osmosis filtered soda water and multiple kombucha flavours.
  • Passion 4 Juice
    The big inflatable spikey juice dome on top of the hill. Up near the hammocks, open 24 hrs.
  • Market Stage Bar
    The best damn booze free bar in Australia.
  • Healing Space
    Healing brews to support the multi modality healing offered by the most enlightened beings you’ll ever meet.
  • Vegelicious
    Delicious vegetarian food and beverages to satisfy your hunger and thirst.


    !!!! HOT TIP !!!!
    BYO spirits (spiced rum for the red ones, jaeger/absynthe/mezcal for green ones, gin for orange ones, vodka for everything) in PLASTIC bottles and u can make yourself a kombucha cocktail WHEREVER YOU GO…. retox while you detox beautifuls! x

Passion 4 Juice, one of the many places you can purchase Good Brew kombucha at Rainbow Serpent Festival 2016.

Look out for us at popup events and other cafes as our beautiful festival gets into gear from Thursday. We hope to see you there!