The Good brew

New Flavours, New Sizes And New Look

Hi there!

Could it be? Dare we say it? Is this what the new normal feels like?

Lockdowns feel like a distant fever dream, festivals and community events are back on, and we have brewed up some good news for everyone.

Thank you for being here.


New colours, new fonts, a new feel with the same delicious solar-brewed sparkling probiotics. Our newsletter, socials and products have received a new look, with the website to follow.

Like all of our brews, our new designs are inspired by nature, with added love. Our in-house designer remixed photographs from natural textures and vistas with analogue video techniques, creating a new look that visually represents the sparkling, flavourful, colourful taste of our living kombucha. Notice our spirit animal the lyrebird is still in there? We’ve had an affinity for this amazing creature since the beginning of GoodBrew in 2009.

Check our socials for some sweet competitions with these visuals (hint, it’s probably the ocean one).



New sizes to share and enjoy

Did you know all our sparkling, organic probiotic kombucha is now available in both the deliciously handy 330ml and the bigger, better, good-er sharing size of 750ml.

More booch for your buck.

And better yet, if you bring your clean, glass or plastic bottles to our Brunswick HQ (view our location on Google Maps) we’ll refill those bad boys for you AND give you a $1 discount. Saving money, saving the environment and saving your gut health.

We really do love your gut, our community and the planet.


If You like Pina Colada | Bush Tucker Bubble Gum | the Remedy

Sure, autumn is kinda pretty, the changing leaves, the warming comfort food (we recommend Lentil As Anything’s Creamy Mushroom Spaghetti). Though we can’t shake the feeling that summer felt a little too short this year, so we’re keeping that sweet summer vibe rolling with The (We Miss) Summer Series of Living Kombucha.

If you Like Pina Colada – Pineapple and Coconut

Fruity, Fun, Flirty, we love this flavour, even more than the cheesy 80s song. No need to write a classified to find a refreshing summery flavour, we’ve got it right here for you.

Perfect as is, or if you’d like a boozy sun-soaked cocktail, add a dash of Rum (we love spiced or golden here at HQ) and fresh Pineapple is always a good choice.

Bush Tucker Bubble Gum – Strawberry Gum & Banana

A favourite with the kids, or the inner kid in us all, this is one of our funkiest flavours to date.

The secret ingredient is the natural eucalyptus olida or strawberry gum, completely different from any other eucalyptus trees, the leaves were historically chewed by Aboriginal Australians for their bubble-gum type flavour.

We’re so proud to have sourced our Strawberry Gum from Melbourne Bush Foods, a company we respect for making native bush foods available for everyone’s pantry and having the same young entrepreneurial spirit Good Brew co was founded on all those decades ago. Check out their recipes, mission statement and our favourite page – their championing of Indigenous Ecological Knowledge at their website.

The Remedy – Reishi, Echinacea, Elder and Inca Berry

This is the Goodbrew Crew’s secret potion that we use around the office and breweries that may help ward off any nasty bugs and flus.


Extremely Alive Wellness Tonics

Never one for sitting still, our CEO Deano is very proud to announce a new venture; Extremely Alive Wellness Tonics.

Created with the renowned medical doctor, published university professor and wellness pioneer Dr Marc Cohen, Extremely Alive marries eastern and western medicinal practices with scientific biome research to create cutting edge wellness tonics. Decades of brewing expertise from our ecopreneur and CEO, Deano, and decades of scientific and medical research by Dr.Marc Cohen have gone into the development of this new range, focused on incorporating a holistic lifestyle of wellness, biological bliss and cellular synchronicity.

This is a big deal. Explore the full range here – Concentrate, Defend, Detox, Elevate and Soothe.


Are you lucky enough to be up north?
Come celebrate our new venture.
Wednesday 24th March from 4pm-midnight
17 Banksia Drive, Byron Bay
Kombucha, blessed fizzy water
Ice bathing, bonfires,
Extremely Alive Wellness Tonics with or without booze,
food, live music, DJ’s, laser lights, and pyrotechnics.

Invite your friends (the extremely good ones, since it’s invite only).

All free, we are passing the abundance of this amazing new product on to you, dear friends.

Hope to see you there.


Very proud to be serving living kombucha at these cool community-focused events in March and April (down in Victoria).