Organic Cordials and Sparkling Water

Bike serving organic cordials and sparkling water in Melbourne.

At the Good Brew Company, we don’t just brew good beer—we are experts at all vegan beverages, alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

We can provide all sorts of soft drinks for your event. These include carbonated tea, kombucha and a range of other great soft drinks.

Soft Drinks

Together with a local organic cordial producer; Organic Indulgence, we are proud to offer the worlds most sustainable softdrink.


  • Start with reverse osmosis filtered tap water.
  • Keg and carbonate the pure water at Buckleys Brewery with brewery byproduct, food grade co2.
  • Transport the kegs to you on bicycle.

We Provide you With:

  • Organic cordial in reusable pump action containers.
  • Keg(s) of DELICIOUS chemical free soda water.
  • As many reusable polycarbonate cups as you need.

Wholesale Solutions

We supply sparkling water (Reverse osmosis filtered water) and organic cordials.