Lockdown Deal: Free Shipping on Home Brew Supplies to VIC, NSW and ACT. Excludes 9L Ceramic Fermentation Jars.

We’ve got natural bottle conditioned kombucha for quenching your thirst and DIY brew your own kombucha gear.

If you’re keen to brew your own kombucha, purchase a kombucha SCOBY to get started. DIY Kombucha Starter Kits and Jun Starter Kits include free shipping while Kombucha Complete Kits and Jun Complete Kits offer competitive shipping rates. The complete kits have everything you need to get started. Our team have helped people brew their own kombucha for over 13 years and they’re here to help you. If you have any questions about your brew or what gear you need to get started, get in touch with our friendly Australian team.

All beverages and SCOBYs are created by us in Melbourne and Daylesford VIC Australia, using quality ingredients and professional methods. We aim to include organic, natural, sustainable and environmentally-friendly ingredients in all of our brewing processes.

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