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Our kombucha is the best in Australia! We have delicious bottle conditioned Kombucha available for pickup or delivery within Victoria. Check out our delicious range of flavours and our range of bottles for all of your drinking needs. We have brewing delicious organic kombucha since 2007 in Brunswick, Victoria with ALL organic ingredients, ALIVE kombucha.

All of our kombucha is completely organic and created by us, here in Brunswick and Daylesford Victoria using quality, ACO accredited ingredients. We aim to include the most organic, natural, sustainable, environmentally-friendly methods and ingredients possible.

Brew Your Own Kombucha at Home

Want to start brewing yourself? Here you have everything you need to create delicious tasting, organic ALIVE kombucha at home. All the DIY brewing stuff you need to get started brewing delicious Kombucha and Jun! From kombucha SCOBYs and Jun SCOBYs, our famous Brewery in a box, or our complete Kombucha kits, and complete Jun kits.

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