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Breathable Fermentation Cloth (Covering for Ferments)

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A quality breathable fermentation cloth. Includes a free rubber band that will fit around all jars <30cm diameter.

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Are you thinking about making your own kombucha or jun? Brewing at home can be satisfying and a lot of fun. However you need the right tools, from a large, clean glass fermenter to a breathable fermentation cloth to cover the mouth of the jar while brewing or when storing a kombucha SCOBY or jun SCOBY.

The breathable fermentation cloth is essential for stopping undesirable matter or bugs entering the ferment while allowing the scoby/ferment to breathe during the jun or kombucha brewing process.

Why Use a Breathable Fermentation Cloth?

Your scoby is the living home for the bacteria and yeast that transforms sweet tea into tangy, fizzy, delicious kombucha. During the fermentation process, the brew is vulnerable to outside bacteria and other pollutants.

Extra vigilance is necessary to prevent something going wrong with the batch. This includes ensuring the jar, utensils you use and your hands are absolutely clean when handling the scoby and free of soap residue. It also includes sealing the jar with a high quality, breathable fermentation cloth.

The Importance of a Quality Fermentation Cloth

The fermentation cloth needs to be breathable so that gases and pressure can escape without the brew losing carbonation. Your brew can develop problems with gnats or fruit flies if the process is botched or if the wrong material is used.

Our breathable fermentation cloths is the best choice for DIY brewers who want to ensure their brews are top notch quality and that bad bacteria and insects are kept out.

Home Brew Supplies

At The Good Brew Company we can supply a full home brewing kit, allowing you to store your own brews and beverages. It includes an 8L glass container/fermenter, a breathable fermentation cloth and a rubber band to secure the cloth.

We also offer both kombucha scoby and jun scoby starter kits so you can get started making your own delicious brews.

Why Choose the Good Brew Company?

The popularity of kombucha is spreading, but not all brands know how to ferment their brews properly and create scobys. If you don’t do it right, you end up with a dead or semi-dead beverage rather than a delicious, naturally carbonated brew.

We’re focused on providing quality bottle conitioned kombucha and professional quality brewing kits. All of our kombucha and scobys are created using filtered water and natural ingredients by brewers with over six years of experience.

View our full range of products or for more information, chat to our friendly team today.

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All breathable fermentation cloths include free shipping throughout Australia.