Jun is the NEW BLACK of symbiotically fermented drinks. JUN Kombucha is fermented from green tea and honey, tastes AMAZING and is an incredible tonic.

Legend has it that Tibetan eco warriors on horse back brewed it continuously in gourds strapped to their belts.. stopping in at villages to refeed their brews.

Known as the Champagne of Kombucha, it has a delicate flavour in comparison to it’s close cousin Kombucha.

A living probiotic, anti-oxident rich – it builds your immune system, increases your libido & calms your mind.

We love JUN at the Good Brew Co and we brew it with a passion!

Purchase Jun Starter Kits

If you would love you to brew it too, the Good Brew Company sells kits with full instructions.

We currently only sell JUN STARTER KITS… but look out for our range of bottled JUN coming soon to a LIQUOR LICENSED shop near you.

Purchase a jun starter kit.

How to Make Jun Tea

Download our Jun tea instructions PDF to find out how you can make your own jun tea.