Drink Tokens for TangleWood NYE 2018/2019 (6 Tokens)

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Save some serious coin (and the environment) by pre-purchasing drink tokens for TangleWood Festival NYE 2017/2018 (6 of them).

These drink tokens can be collected / picked up at the Tanglewood event bar only.

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How much would you spend on a pot of crafty cold beer?
Poured by the sexiest guy or girl in a tutu?

$8 at a city NYE party.
Probably $7 at a good festival, eh?
$6 if you’re lucky!
Well you won’t pay more than $5 at our bar ALL FESTIVAL LONG!!  (if you have your own cup:))


until mid december you can buy your tokens from us for only $4 each!!
until december one… i’ll let you buy 5 get one free:)… SO you can have 6 drink tokens for $20 until soon!!!

See you all there with massive grins and loving vibes.

What’s going to be on tap?

  • Our famous lemongrass PALE ALE.
  • A fresh Buckley’s PILSNER.
  • An IPA and a RYE IPA brewed by a mornington peninsula Tanglewood house brewery
  • The most ridiculously crisp jazz APPLE CIDER.
  • At least 3 different kombuchas… BYO spirits if u want a kombucha cocktail… DETOX while u RETOX yo!!

All $5 at the bar OR just one prepurchased token.
Get them now and pick them up at the bar at Tanglewood!
The bar will be open from 10am until 3 am NYE, 10am til 1am on the 29th & 30th of December.

DON’T just buy these for your own RIDICULOUS ENJOYMENT…
BUY them for the environment… BUY them for YOUR GRANDKIDS sake!
Every 6pack pre-purchased is 6 cans that don’t need to be produced, refrigerated, carted to a festival, chilled (ice is ALWAYS an issue), opened, sensibly binned, sorted and carted off site!

Get it? It’s A GOOD IDEA; buy one a week until the festival and I PROMISE you will make a lot of friends at Tanglewood. 🙂


More questions will be added to the drink tokens FAQ as they are asked.

Q: HOW do I GET the tokens?

A: Your name has been entered onto a list and u can collect them from the bar ANYTIME the bar is open at Tanglewood festival.

Q: Can I get wine with a token?

A: Yes but it will be goon….good goon…. goon so good you want want to put kombucha in it.. but you can:)

Q: If I’ve brought my own goon can I make it into magic goon by adding some of your amazing kombucha?

A: YES!! Plus, to support healthier drinking choices, all kombucha poured into spirits/goon cups will only be charged $4.

Q: WHEN will the bar be open?

A: We will have the bar open from 11am Dec 30, 31 and Jan 1.  We close the bar at 4am on new years day… almost that late on the other nights too.

You will love our bar.


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