Glass Fermenter with Tap

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A quality glass fermenter with tap. This comes with a free breathable cloth and rubber band.

Easily create your own brews with this great kit! Shipping available throughout Australia.

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Order now to obtain your very own quality glass fermenter with a tap. These provide a great method to store your own brews and beverages. The clear glass gives you the ability to easily check on your brew, whether that’s seeing how much is left or if your beverage requires any attention. The taps allow you to simply pour your beverage when required, making it easy for you and your guests; this is a great party pleaser.

What Is Included?

Each order includes the following:

  • Glass container / fermenter
  • Breathable fermentation cloth
  • Rubber band for holding your fermentation cloth

We also offer the breathable fermentation cloths separately/individually, easily purchased via our web store.

Fermentation breathable cloth with band for brewing.

Weight3.5 kg
Dimensions40 × 26 × 26 cm


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