Christmas Kombucha Case (24 Bottles – Local Pickup Only)

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Case of special Christmas Kombucha from the Good Brew Company. 24 bottles, featuring two flavours (12 bottles each flavour).

Local pickup only. Please note that these Christmas slabs of kombucha can only be picked up from our Brunswick location (54 Hope St, Brunswick VIC 3056).

Includes our sencha green tea, lemongrass and hibiscus, and our sencha green tea, sencha mint tea, biodnamic apple and chlorophyll. All 100% organic, bottle conditioned, REAL delicious booch!:)

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Bottled organic kombucha for Christmas.

THE ULTIMATE Christmas Slab!

Christmas is here, and so is our special Christmas Kombucha deal. Certified organic and bottle conditioned.

It’s a LIVING PROBIOTIC, a blissful refreshing sparkling burst of love in your mouth, a hangover soother and the world’s best mixer in a bottle.

Christmas Kombucha Recipes

Each case contains 24 bottles. Includes 2×12 bottles of two amazing recipes.

All our kombucha is brewed with pure Daylesford spring water, organic raw sugar and organic Sencha Green Tea. All of our infusions are also organic.

Recipe #1:

Organic Sencha Green Tea, Lemongrass, Ginger and Hibiscus.

THE strongest most refreshing immune boosting non-alcoholic self carbonated drink EVER invented.  It’s also our first ever kombucha recipe.. and goes really really well with spiced rum. coincidence.. we think not!!

Recipe #2:

Organic Sencha Green Tea, Sencha Mint Tea, Apple Tea and Chlorophyll.

THE best hangover cure ever invented… and we did it by accident.  It’s a refreshing immune boosting non-alcoholic self carbonated drink …

It also blends well with AGWA… Jaeger.. and of course vodka.

Local Pickup Only

Please note that our Christmas kombucha slabs of 24 bottles can only be picked up from our Brunswick location of 54 Hope Street, Brunswick VIC 3056. When ordering a Christmas kombucha slab online from us, your shipping options will default to local pickup only. To get other products shipped to you and their shipping costs calculated, you’ll need to place another entire order without the Christmas kombucha slab.

Free Tasting 6 Pack of our brews for Pickup Orders

If you can pick it up from our warehouse in Brunswick (contact us on 0430 290 952 to sort out daily pickup times) we’ll give you a free tasting 6 pack of our other 3 flavours of kombucha AND our new Pine Pollen JUN.  Bring your own wine bottles to fill and we’ll give you even more:)

During the checkout process, please select ‘Local Pickup’ as your shipping option and get in touch with us to sort out an ideal time for you to pick up your tasty Christmas kombucha.

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