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Kombucha Vinegar

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This is the world’s best living probiotic vinegar…


Aged in Oak Barrels for 2 years.. This gorgeous crisp vinegar turns ANY salad into a PROBIOTIC SUPERFOOD.

Spice up your life, improve your overall health and help restore vitality by delighting in the unique flavor and potent nutrient blend naturally present in our Organic Spiced Kombucha Vinegar. At the heart of this flavorful condiment is our traditional organic Kombucha vinegar recipe, made from the absolute finest organic black and green tea leaves. Brewed to keep the vinegar raw and its nutrients as potent as possible, this organic vinegar treats your body to amino acids needed for protein building, enzymes and probiotics to promote digestive health, antioxidants to protect the body and an array of flavorful organic natural acids.
With each splash of Organic Spiced Kombucha Vinegar, you’ll be treated to a remarkable taste sensation with hints of ginger, turmeric and cayenne. The added spices bring a whole new dimension to the organic vinegar when it’s used in sauces, marinades and salad dressings.

No Artificial sweeteners or flavours / Organic / No colourings / No Preservatives / Raw –living friendly yeast and bacteria / Low in Sugar / Gluten Free / Vegan / Bulk Buy Available / Delivery across Australia’s major cities.

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  • Australian made real kombucha brewed from natural ingredients and DIY goodies with over 12 years' experience.