The Good brew

Spring Sprung Sprang

Let’s celebrate SPRING & growth!
in all it’s forms…
It feels like we’re coming out of our lockdown brain haze here at GoodBrew HQ. The sun’s out, the flowers are blooming (please come harvest some of our Lavender!!), lockdown is NEARLY looking like ending.

This month we let u know HOW u tell it’s a good brew… we give you the results of our experiments in a few of the big brands out there… Are you drinking a healthy probiotic-filled living kombuch?

We also have an in depth look at the health benefits of one of our favourite flavours, Hibiscus, Lemongrass & Ginger.

And finally we are letting you know that we can’t afford to keep sending our RIDICULOUSLY reasonable priced products out for free to lockdown areas.

You’re in lockdown? You have just a few days left to get free shipping… get your brew on!!



We took the liberty of testing out some kombucha brews for you. Good Brew Kombucha is ALIVE which means that it is unpasteurised, has all the natural bacteria that is great for the ol’ GUT BRAIN, and will grow a scoby when it is left for a while – just like the kombucha you make at home.

We took a few bottles of our own kombucha along with a couple of other brands to test if a scoby will grow from the bottle. (A test you can do at home too!)

We tested (brand names that didn’t perform have been censored a bit):
Reneggity Ginger Berry,
Good?Earth Blood Orange,
Boocha of Brian Tropical,
Lippedton White Peach,
Kore Culture Jasmine Green,
Good Brew Chlorophyll Apple Mint and
Good Brew Hibiscus Lemongrass Ginger

We allowed the bottles to grow for about 6 months and opened the jars every couple of days to get some oxygen in there.
The results are in!
No Scobies grew in any of the samples EXCEPT for the Good Brew jars and the Kore Culture (Go Bali!!) samples.

The moral of the story – Make sure the kombucha you drink is ALIVE! Try growing a scoby from your favourite SMALL COMPANY brewed booch to make sure that it has all of the good stuff that your gut craves. The good stuff in kombucha is the LIVE culture probiotic. Don’t except a dead imitation kombucha flavoured soft drink!



One of our most popular flavours, Hibiscus, Lemongrass & Ginger is the old faithful. Who doesn’t love a pink drink? This one is naturally coloured with hibiscus.


We use dried hibiscus petals in our brews for a tropical taste. Not only is it a delicious flavour and beautiful colour, it has a bunch of health benefits!
Packed full of antioxidants. May help lower blood pressure. May help lower blood fat levels. May boost liver health. Contains compounds that may help prevent cancer. Could promote weight loss. Could help fight bacterial infections… AND tastes INCREDIBLE with spiced rum;)


Ginger is a wonder root. It’s tasty as, and it is so good for the body in so many ways. Traditional and alternative medicine use it to aid digestion, reduce nausea, help fight cold and flu. High in Gingerol which has powerful anti-inflammatory & antioxidant effects. May help with weight loss. Can help with osteoarthritis. May drastically lower blood sugars. Can help treat chronic indigestion. May reduce menstrual pain. May help lower cholesterol levels. May improve brain function. Can help fight infections. Wow!


A delicious citrus flavour that puts a lemony zing in our brew. Not just a tastey flayv, it has a bunch of good-for-you stuff too. Used as a folk remedy to promote sleep, relieve pain & boost immunity. It also has: Antioxidant properties. Antimicrobial properties. Anti-inflammatory properties. It may reduce your cancer risk. It may help promote healthy digestion. It may act as a diuretic. It may help regulate your cholesterol. It may help reduce symptoms of PMS.

Flavour your home brew wth HLG flavour kits OR buy some of our delicious ready made Hibiscus, Lemongrass & Ginger kombucha.



For this whole (never ending?) lockdown we have had the great gift of free shipping for all brewing stuff for affected areas. From NSW regional, QLD, Sydney, Victoria. If your area is in lockdown your shipping is free! Get the most of it before this promotion ends on Friday midnight.

Need some brazillian organic certified sugar to feed your scoby? Flavour kits for that tasty flavour change-up? Want to start brewing your own Jun with honey? Or maybe you need a lockdown gift for that special loved one that you can’t see in real life?


We have some new probiotic delicious goodness brewing at Good Brew! Come in for some deliciously flavoured Water Kefir available on tap at the Good Brew HQ in Brunswick.
Kefir is a delicious fermented probiotic drink with a subtle flavour, and makes those flavours pop with tastey-ness!
We are offering $5 bottles of kefir if you bring your own empty & washed wine bottle. Flavours are different every week so stay tuned to our sandwich board to find out!


May all your brews be good brews.