What Is


Kombucha is a fermented tea drink that can be sweet and naturally carbonated. It is created using tea, water, sugar and most importantly, the kombucha SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast).

It is not entirely known where kombucha originated from and how long it has been brewed for. Some say kombucha has been around for more than 6000 years. Early documented references refer to the drink in Northeast Asia around 220 BC. It is theorised that because these areas are where the first tea plants were cultivated that the kombucha SCOBY might have been first noticed there and brewed. Deano of The Good Brew Co always imagines them sitting in old tea cups left lying around during a frantic tea making session for a Genghis Khan type emperor organised Manchurian tea party.

Today kombucha has travelled the world as a functional beverage. Many people either brew their own or purchase it bottled and ready to drink. Unfortunately though when purchasing bottles, not all kombucha is created the same; some brands on the market don’t properly ferment their kombucha, leaving in some cases a dead beverage. Ideally what you want is a batch that has been properly fermented and bottle conditioned, meaning the brewing and fermentation process has occurred in the bottle, creating a living brew. All Good Brew kombucha uses quality fermentation processes, natural ingredients, filtered water and all our bottles are bottle conditioned.

Why Choose

The Good Brew Company?

Here at The Good Brew Company, we endeavour to provide you with the very best of bottle conditioned kombucha available in a range of delicious flavours. Some of the perks of Good Brew kombucha include:


Australian owned and operated.


We focus on using quality brewing methods and natural ingredients.


All of our kombucha and SCOBYs are created with filtered water.


Our kombucha is bottle conditioned, meaning that it has time to ferment properly in the bottle, producing natural carbonation. There’s a lot of brewing companies out there that don’t properly ferment their kombucha, leaving you with a semi-dead to dead brew that uses other methods for carbonation.


We’ve been brewing kombucha for 6 years.


Regular special deals so you can score a case of beverages or SCOBY at great rates. Drinking delicious fermented brews shouldn’t have to break the bank.


We’re focused on providing great customer service and support. Whether you’re brewing your own booch, ordering a delicious range of our booch to your home or stocking your store, our team are here to help you get delicious booch to where it is needed.


Available at many stores throughout Australia.

If you have any questions about our beverages, services and why you should go with The Good Brew Company, please get in touch with us.


Your Own

For all of the DIYers out there, we offer kombucha SCOBYs which you can use to start your very own brew.

Our SCOBYs are created using quality methods and natural ingredients.

All orders include instructions on how to brew a delicious batch and keep it going.

All SCOBYs include free shipping throughout Australia, making it even easier for you to get started on brewing.


Kombucha Drinks

After reading what is kombucha, you’re probably feeling pretty parched. Understandable; reading and thinking can be fatiguing activities. Don’t worry though as we’ve got your back; we offer and ship our unique kombucha throughout Australia. You can easily purchase cases/slabs of our kombucha bottles online from our website. If you don’t feel like trusting computers with this purchase, you’ll be able to find our delicious kombucha in lots of stores throughout Australia.


If you have any questions regarding brewing your own booch, stocking your store or ordering it straight to your door, contact us now to speak with our friendly team of experts.