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Providing Goodness Australia-Wide

The Good Brew Company offers sustainable solutions for breweries, individual brewers and appreciators alike. We’re dedicated to an environmental and socially sustainable future.

We brew a delicious range of kombucha, shipped straight to your home or available at your local health food store.

Based in Brunswick VIC, The Good Brew Company provides delicious beverages throughout Australia. We send all of our products to everywhere possible in Australia; whether you’re near the top of Queensland or at the bottom of Western Australia, we’ll help get a Good Brew to you.

SINCE 2007

We’ve Helped Thousands Of People Enjoy And Brew Real Kombucha

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Passionate About Sustainability And The Environment

We aim to produce and deliver all of our products through the most environmentally friendly and sustainable methods that we can. Local, sustainable and organic suppliers are used where possible in our production chain to deliver quality products. Both of our warehouses (one in Brunswick VIC and one in Daylesford VIC) utilise solar panels. Staff are encouraged to walk or ride their bikes to work and get lovely bonuses for their efforts. The descriptive labels of our bottles are made from 100% recycled paper with vegan ink, plus they don’t use any glue.

Research Backed Booch

Two clinical trials have been performed about our Australian made Good Brew kombucha. We’re serious about the potential benefits of kombucha you may receive and have devoted a lot to proving this.

Good Brew In The Media

We’ve been filmed at the World naked bike ride serving booze to happy hippies, we’ve had our passionate people, planet & brews methodology described by international journalists and our business rapped about by the incredible Hugo the poet.