Brew Your Own Kombucha and Jun

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Brew Your Own Kombucha and Jun at Home

Keen to brew your own Kombucha or Jun? You’ve come to the right place. We have all your brewing needs right here so you can have a go at creating your very best delicious tasting kombucha or Jun. Complete kits that contain all of the equipment and starter culture that you need to start brewing, to a range of flavours that are the same as our own delicious range of bottled flavours, we also have a range of all the ingredients that you need, all organic! All the brew your own products that you need to create your own Kombucha or Jun at home.

An Australian kombucha brewing workshop presented in Brunswick VIC.

Want a Lesson on How to Brew Your Own Probiotic Drinks?

We have a workshop usually at the last thursday of every month that teaches you all about brewing basics, hints and tricks, and how to get the most delicious tasting sparkling probiotic drink out of your SCOBY. Book a ticket for our workshop and learn how to get the most out of our kombucha brewing kits.

During lockdown you are also able to join the online version of our workshops on the last Thursday of every month. We’ll send you out your SCOBY as soon as you order so you can be ready for some online fun and learning times.

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Prefer Something Bottled and Ready to Drink?

Want to taste the best of the best? Try our ready made bottled kombucha – just like you make at home!

Due to the very much alive nature of our kombucha (unlike numerous dead brands on the market), it doesn’t travel well across our hot country Australia. We currently ship our kombucha across Victoria. Please contact us for special interstate orders.

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