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Botanika Elevate Native energy tonic | 50ml (200 doses)


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:: Elevate superfood spagyric tonic ::

Ingredients: Wattleseed ​(Acacia victoriae)​, Lemon aspen ​(acronychia acidula) ​& Davidsons plum ​(davisonia pruriens)

Traditional uses & may assist with:

  • Balanced long lasting natural energy tonic, with no over stimulation or anxiety
  • High source of magnesium, potassium, lutein, zinc & calcium
  • High vitamin E levels for youthful skin glow, promotes anti aging
  • Antimicrobial medicine, anti cancer, protects the heart
  • Cognitive brain function, focus + memory (nootropic)
  • Alternative to coffee, nutty roasted chocolate, coffee flavour
  • Low glycemic count (great for diabetics)
  • Increase high vibrational energy
  • Promotes oxygenation to the body, breathe deeper & feel it all around the body & on a cellular level

Flavour notes: Nutty, chocolate wattleseed rich earth notes with lemon aspen citrus cutting through & tangy sour Davidsons plum explosion


Additional information

How do I take it?

9 drops under the tongue, taking a moment to meditate & closing down the eyes, feel all the senses activate & be present to where its travelling to in your body & what you are receiving on many levels. We also offer a complimentary 21 day plant embodiment journey to integrate the information into your being. Please ask us for more information if you are interested in receiving this with your bottle.

You can also put 1ml into any cold or hot beverage (such as kombucha, juice, smoothies, tea, water, coffee etc.), or make raw treats with them. You can even soak in the bath with them or offer them back to the Earth as a libation for the Ancestors.

What are spagyrics?

Following traditional methods of preparation through an evolutionary process called Spagyric Alchemy, these ethically sourced organic native botanicals are intentionally prepared in synchronicity with the cycles of nature to bring forth alignment with self & a deeper connection to the wisdom of the plants. In combination with biodynamic principles, this wholistic method of extraction creates a high quality concentrated tincture with nothing discarded so you feel the transformational benefits of the
entire plant. You receive the Ancestral information of all the seasons, Elements, Animals & minerals that have interacted with those plants on many levels. Spagyrics carry the body, spirit & soul of the botanical. As above, so below, we grow.

Info about the Botanika Herbals project:

Welcome to Botanika Herbals 100% Australian native superfood tonics that empower people to connect with country, and the true medicines of this land. We invite your presence to journey on a sensory experience deep within your core,

activating + awakening all parts of you, supporting you to be in the fullness of your entire being to receive the transformative wisdom of the plants.

We are a small group of passionate herbal alchemists from Byron Bay NSW + Daylesford VIC. Our skills range in Alchemy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, wine Sommeliers, management of award winning fine dining & premium cocktail bars.

We have both come a long way in our healing journey ourselves, hence why we are now on this path to help connect others to the wisdom of the plants!

Using only ethically sourced Australian native, organic + locally grown plants, we have applied biodynamic principles + a powerful spagyric method of extraction which mirrors the cycles of nature to ensure a high potency + quality product, made wholistically so you feel the transformational benefits of the entire plant.

We are passionate about supporting indigenous business, with 10% of profits going back into traditional land management & initiatives who are cultivating and ethically harvesting native medicines around Australia.

Beyond organic principles

  • Ethically sourced & combined blends of 100% native organic superfoods from all across Australia
  • We are pioneering a new way of connecting with native superfood medicines
  • Small batch, no mass production. We do not export, these precious tonics are for the Australian community. We realise how important it is for our own people to reconnect with the land
  • We use Biodynamic + Spagyric preparation methods following the 7 stages of Alchemy
  • Nutrient dense, high grade superfoods stronger than powders or teas due to concentration
  • MIRON Biophotonic preservation to ensure protection of the botanicals
  • Pure sugarcane spirit, beyond organic botanicals & artisan water used in production
  • Herbalist alchemist prepared with love in Byron Bay NSW & Daylesford VIC
  • We recognise + pay respect to the original custodians + Ancestors past, present + future
  • Traditional protocols practiced when harvesting plants

Important information: Recommended no use in combination with pharmaceutical medicines or for pregnant or breastfeeding women. These statements are not evaluated by the TGA. We have our own private testing & research facilities. Please do your own research, you can also source information about native medicines from Agrifutures, CSIRO & ANFAB.

elevate botanika

elevate botanika