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Mix of All Current Kombucha Flavours


Mixed kombucha from The Good Brew Co. Currently, each (24 bottles) case includes at least three of our SIX MAGNIFICENT recipes. Six packs include 1 of each flavour unless requested otherwise. 330ml in each bottle. Brewed and bottled in Australia.

Victorian delivery only. Due to the incredibly active qualities of living kombucha, it cannot remain out of the fridge for too long.  Please contact us to if you want to make an interstate purchase.

Additional information

Shipping Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 34 × 24 × 23 cm



Want some Good Brew kombucha? Grab a mix of our current kombucha flavours, delivered straight to your door or pick it up from us.

It’s a LIVING PROBIOTIC, a blissful refreshing sparkling burst of love in your mouth. A hangover cure AND world’s best mixer in a bottle.

Currently, each (24 bottles) case includes 6 bottle lots of 4 (unless otherwise requested) of ALL SEVEN MAGNIFICENT recipes. Six packs include different flavours unless requested otherwise.

All our Kombucha is brewed with pure spring water, organic sugar and organic Sencha Green Tea.

Colour Features
Original Powerful Anti-oxidant, Potent Probiotic
Hibiscus, Lemongrass & Ginger Boosts Circulation, Vitamin C kick, Mood elevator
Chlorella, Apple & Bush River Mint Cleanse, Calm, Tummy fixer
Orange, Turmeric & Passionflower Anti-inflammatory, De-stress, Sleepytime dream enhancer
Lavender, Acai, Maqui & Purplecorn Mega-Detox, Superfood Blend
Yerba Maté & Zesty Lemon Gives you a zing of energy
Pineapple & Coconut Tropical Piña Colada flavour
Bushtucker Bubblegum Native Wild Foraged Strawberry Gum leaves, biodynamic strawberry, organic marshmallow root & banana
Reishi, Echinacea, Elder & Incaberry Super blend of immune boosting super foods

Our famous Kombucha is now shipping to all the corners of Victoria!

Tracking Included for Case Orders

Our kombucha cases include tracking as part of their shipping.

Free Tasting for Pickup Orders

If you can (contactless) pick up from our warehouse in Brunswick VIC we’ll let you taste all of our magical creations.
(contact Anna or Moonie on 0406 154 886 to sort out daily pickup times).

During the checkout process, please select ‘Pick Up’ as your shipping option and get in touch with us to sort out an ideal time for you to pick up your tasty beverages.

“Wonderful, natural flavours of REAL kombucha! Such a loving and friendly team too

– Billie Violet

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