The Good brew

New Sustainable Packaging, Brewery In A Box And Now Stocked At Terra Madre Brunswick

Hi there! How are you out there, Good Brew Crew?

As restrictions start to ease here in Victoria and we pass the longest, darkest day of winter, we hope that you all, like us here at GoodBrew HQ, are feeling more hopeful!

Good things this way come!

We’ve been sustainably, ethically & lovingly brewing, fermenting & creating new things for us all to share and enjoy. ‘Cause what is a creation if it can’t be shared and enjoyed by all?


We try to do the most good in every way here at GoodBrew.

So when redesigning our packaging we thought through each aspect to make the most sustainable, sexy, solar enabled Goodbrew ever!

All our 330ml bottles have Swing Tags, meaning they can be removed and reused and the labels recycled.

  • Vegan ink.
  • Recycled paper.
  • Solar enabled printing at Moule Printing.
  • No glue / no sticker / no chemicals.
  • Completely reusable bottle.
  • $5 bottle recycling when you return a case to us at GoodBrew HQ.

From the inside to the outside of each Living Brew, we choose the good-est for your gut, the community and our planet.


Brew your own tonics lovingly, ethically and sustainably.

We are bursting with pride and excitement about launching our Brewery in a Box.

We have been dreaming up this product for a while, and we’re so proud to have gotten it just right.

Everything you need to brew infinite kombucha!

Included in your very own Brewery in a Box:

  • Living Kombucha Scoby.
  • Organic Tea.
  • Organic Raw Sugar.
  • Fermentation Cloth.
  • The Brew Bible.

Normally $40 but our launch special Price is $34.95!!!

Pick it up from GoodBrew HQ or add postage via our online store.


Free! Seriously, free! Like really, completely free, from us to you.

We believe so strongly in our sister company Extremely Alive. We are giving away free samples to all our stockists, all our customers, all our friends, all our family.

We want you to experience the sensation of these potent mixes of organic medicinal leaves, roots, flowers, fruits and fantastic fungi.

In case you haven’t heard, our newest offerings are the perfect synergy of western science & eastern medicine, brewed by our ecopreneur CEO Deano and thoroughly researched by medical doctor, university professor and wellness trailblazer Dr. Marc Cohen.

We want you to experience these frisky, punchy potions, to feel your gastronomic horizons expand, to be exposed to all the biologically activated botanical goodness in every shot.

So please, you’re welcome, ‘Carn on over, herzlich willkommen, wominjeka, bienvenido, to our GoodBrew HQ here in Brunswick Victoria for a free sample of this Extremely Alive brew!


Are you lucky enough to live local to beautiful Brunswick? Stroll, roll or ride to Terra Madre’s new store! (Or if you ain’t local, you’re welcome too, ride a mule, take public transport or car-share your way over).

They’re located at 775 Sydney Road, Brunswick VIC 3056.

They’re open 8:30am-7:30pm, everyday.

We love that Terra Madre have always made organic shopping easy, accessible and affordable for the general public (not just us hippies).

We’re so proud to be supplied by organic stores; big and small, local and statewide, family-owned and ecopreneur owned.

And we are so proud to be part of their organic, quality affordable products.


May all your brews be good brews