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Glass Fermenter with Tap 8L

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A quality glass fermenter with tap. 8 litre capacity. This comes with a free breathable cloth and rubber band.

Easily create your own brews with this great kit! Shipping available throughout Australia.

The 8L containers are approx 310mm high and 185mm wide.

Additional information

Shipping Weight3.5 kg
Dimensions40 × 26 × 26 cm

Want your very own quality 8L glass fermenter with a food grade plastic tap?
Our glass fermenters are also available as part of our Complete Homebrew Kombucha Kits and Complete Homebrew Jun Kits.

Whether you’ve already got a brew on or you buy one of our scientifically backed thriving probiotic kombucha SCOBY or jun SCOBY starter kit, a quality vessel to brew your batch is essential. At The Good Brew Company, we offer a quality glass fermenter with a built-in tap, available for delivery to your door and pickup from our location in Brunswick.

What Is Included?

Each order includes the following:

  • Glass container / fermenter (8 litre capacity)
  • A food grade plastic tap
  • Breathable fermentation cloth
  • Rubber band for holding your fermentation cloth

We also offer the breathable fermentation cloths separately/individually, easily purchased via our web store.
If u need starter culture as wel.. You can save money and get a Complete Homebrew Kombucha Kits or Complete Homebrew Jun Kits.

Worried about the tap getting clogged?

Your kombucha (especially if it’s descended from our 200 microbial magic strains) will grow scoby wherever it can!

The best way to unclog your tap takes two minutes and is super simple:
1. empty everything from the fermenter into a big pot
2. unscrew the tap
3. wash the tap in hot soapy water
4. rinse the tap with cold water
5. rinse the glass fermenter6. put the tap back in
7. test the tap by putting a few centimeters of water in it and make sure it pours.
(still blocked? go back to 2.)
8. empty the fermenter and pour your brew back in.

The Importance of a Quality Container

If you want to brew kombucha or jun at home but are not exactly sure what you need, you’ve come to the right place. Brewing at home is easy when it comes to supplies. All you need to start are two things, a vessel to ferment your brew in and a breathable cloth cover.

Since you’ll be brewing (fermenting) your jun or kombucha tea for at least a week, or up to 30 days and sometimes even longer, it’s essential to be careful about the container you store the brew in during this process. This includes the material it’s made out of, the size of the container, whether it’s easy to transport when necessary and how easy it will be to extract the finished brew.

The brewing process is fairly simple. But having the right equipment can mean the difference between a tasty or poisonous brew. The most important piece of equipment by far is your brewing container as you need one that will enable your SCOBY to do it’s thing without interacting with bacteria and yeast cultures in a negative way.

A Breathable Fermentation Cover Is Important

Fermenting jun or kombucha tea can attract small insects like fruit flies. To keep these and other unwanted contaminants out, you’ll need a good quality cover.

During the brewing process, the yeast and bacteria in your SCOBY transforms the sweet tea into the fizzy, delicious probiotic drink. For this process to work successfully, you need a breathable fermentation cloth that allows your brews to breathe.

Our breathable fermentation cloth that comes with our glass fermenter is the ideal choice for DIY brewers who want to produce the best quality kombucha and jun brews and keep them protected during and after fermentation.
You can get your breathable fermentation cloths separately/individually here. 🙂

Why Glass Is Best

Of all the available options for container materials, glass is by far the best. It’s relatively inexpensive and easy to get and most importantly, it doesn’t interact with the brew. Glass does not scratch easily, decreasing the likelihood of harbouring bacteria further and you can also be sure the glass itself is free of chemicals like BPA.

There are certainly other materials that are suitable for brewing but they have other downsides. For example, you can use wooden casks or barrels but these are usually too expensive and too large to be a practical option for most DIY kombucha brewers. Other options like stainless steel, ceramic, porcelain and clay containers are also acceptable options but come with the downside of not being able to see the actual brew.  For our bigger brews we use HDPE tanks..

I (deano) have many second hand ones for sale on marketplace at the moment.

These materials must also be food safe as clay or porcelain may have lead-based glaze and kombucha can leech metal out of stainless steel that is magnetic. These materials can also get scratched, which risks leaking contaminants into the brew or offering spaces for unwanted bacteria to infest.

Materials to Avoid

While stainless steel, ceramic and porcelain containers might be acceptable in some cases if you can find the right type and ensure they are 100% chemical free and scratch free (although we still wouldn’t recommend it), you should absolutely avoid ever using the following for brewing:

  • Crystal – As they tend to have high levels of lead, crystal containers must be avoided to prevent the serious risk of poisoning yourself and others who drink the brew.
  • Coloured glass and painted ceramic – These also tend to have lead or other chemicals in them as a result of the glaze or other manufacturing processes.
  • Metals – Everything from regular steel, aluminium, copper, bronze and iron can all leak harmful toxins into your brew and should be avoided.

It’s just not worth taking the risk with these materials if you value your health and well-being. For that reason, glass is the smartest option.

Setting Up a Continuous Brew System

Many DIY brewers use glass because as mentioned earlier, you can see the brew. Another big reason is because you can find suitable cheap glass jars in a lot of places. However, regular glass jars are only really suitable for single batch brewing. If you want to invest in a continuous brew system, you’ll need one with a spigot/tap like the glass fermenter we offer.

In a singular brew batch, you will fill the brewing container with sweetened tea, starter liquid and add the SCOBY, causing the microorganisms to ferment most of the sugars in the mixture while producing the acids that result in the delicious end product containing beneficial bacteria. Once finished, the SCOBY is removed and everything is cleaned.

In a continuous brew, the process is the same the first time, except that the SCOBY stays in the brewing container. As long as you don’t remove too much fresh brew at once, you can continuously brew more by adding sweetened tea.

The spigot/tap on the glass fermenter allows you to draw liquid out without disturbing the SCOBY. Without it, you’d have to push it down with a ladle to draw out liquid, which can harm the SCOBY and interfere with the development of the baby SCOBY that forms on the surface of the brew.

Order a Glass Fermenter with Tap Today!

If you’re keen to get started on making your own brews, order a quality set up from The Good Brew Company today. We are passionate about providing quality bottle conditioned kombucha and professional quality brewing kits.

We ship all of our products to all locations in Australia. So whether you’re after a new SCOBY or a whole home brewing kit, check out our range and start your brewing journey today. If you have any more questions, feel free to get in touch with our friendly team.