Jun SCOBY Brewing Starter Kit

$ 21.95

A jun SCOBY starter kit to get you started with brewing your own jun tea. Includes free shipping throughout Australia.

Made in Australia with quality ingredients and professional methods.

* GST-free.

Brewing jun tea can be fun and rewarding. Order a jun starter kit today to begin brewing your own jun.

Our jun SCOBYs are created in Melbourne VIC, Australia. We use quality ingredients and professional methods to provide you with a fantastic starter for your own brew.

What is Jun?

Jun is a fermented drink / tea similar to kombucha. The jun tea uses green tea and raw honey. The flavour differs in that it takes on the flavours of the raw honey and green tea, developing a unique depth in flavour and an aromatic nature. It is quick to brew and can be stored in similar methods to kombucha. Some brewers also find that jun can be more forgiving and easier to brew than kombucha.

What is a Jun SCOBY?

The jun SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeast) is the mixed cultures of bacteria and yeast that feeds on raw honey and green tea and forms what we know as jun tea. The SCOBY is commonly referred to as a mushroom, mother, culture or starter.

What’s Included in the Starter Kit?

Each starter kit includes:

Free Shipping

All jun and kombucha starters include free shipping throughout Australia. This includes areas throughout Vic, Tas, NSW, ACT, Qld, NT, SA and WA.

Please note that the jun starter kits don’t include tracking with their free shipping.

*    No GST is charged for jun SCOBY starter kits.

**   You can pick up the scoby from our office at 54 hope st. Brunswick if you mention it in the comments of your purchase.  It would help us if you gave us a time that works for you.

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